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Element: Metal

Lucky number: 9

Stone: Diamond

Favorable zodiac signs: Horse, Tiger

Unfavorable zodiac signs: Dragon, Goat, Rooster, Ox

Western zodiac equivalent: Libra

Years:  1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

A person from under the sign of DOG is serious, stubborn and rather pessimistic. They do nt have sparks of hope that things will turn out well in life, but if need be – they can fight for their right for freedom, improved existence, for themselves and others. They can always be counted on – in friendship they are faithful, constant and noble, trustworthy and honest. Sometimes too forward about certain issues, with occasional tendency for a bit of malignancy. They are not a fan of intrigues, gossip and talking behind someone’s back. Straightforward and sometimes nagging, which does not win them many friends but the ones that surround the Dog are true.

If there is a need, the zodiacal DOG is capable of quite a lot – even if the situation requires significant sacrifice or courage from them. Despite little confidence, caused by the inherent pessimism, in the success of their actions, they are consequential. They value privacy, for it is then that they can indulge in things requiring peace and focus – pondering, reading or making up uncomplicated dreams.

The zodiacal DOG likes a life in comfort and strives to being able to afford it. Acquiring money comes rather easy to them, they are also generous – they share what they have with people they care most about. If they fall in love, they are of the straightforward, sincere and dedicated sort. They do not dwell on more serious dilemmas, they trust their partner and usually acts honestly towards them.


A person born under this sign is not particularly effusive and if they don’t have to, they would rather keep the feelings and emotions they go through to themselves. They are also a great pessimist, believing that there is a great disaster waiting to happen just around the corner. It is very bad for them as even though it lets them stay ever careful, which has its good sides for sure, they live in constant stress and cannot enjoy anything in the long run, for they expect that if things are good, they are only going to get worse soon. They cannot be called especially social, they abstain from people and usually try to avoid meetings or parties. They feel uneasy among happy, laughing people, for the Dog constantly experiences some problems and is aware of the fact their behavior makes them stand out from the laughing crowd.

A pessimist as they are, they can specify what they want from life and those expectations are usually not very extensive. They do not think they can achieve much in life so they usually make it to the level they set for themselves. When they make up their mind about something, they are stubborn about it. They are quite unpleasant to people, as they have a sharp tongue and see no reason to spare anyone. They often behave in a cynical manner and do not shun from making malicious, ironic comments, so they come across as someone who thinks nothing of any values and does not care about anything. They are actually very sensitive and care about everything they criticize. Still, they will never allow anyone to find out. Even though they are aware their actions will not bring much results, especially when it comes to battling injustice, they are still not going to sit idly by and watch the things going on around them. The lives of their friends are important to the Dog and they often care about their matters, just as much as about their own. They often worry all too much which leads them into an ever deeper melancholy.

Professional life

The Dog has significant leadership skills and if they do not agree with something, they do not hesitate to fight the status quo. This is why they can take command of a protesting group but they also have predispositions for doing well in a managerial position, but they rarely care about it, as they do not have much in the way of expectations or material needs. They do not strive to make a career and even if they manage to do that anyway, it is almost never due to their own actions but totally by accident or by the hand of other people who wanted to help them. They know how to acquire money but they do it only in special cases when it is really needed. They are usually content with modest life, as they are more focused on the spiritual side of their life than possession. At work, they are very reliable and loyal to others, so they are a desired worker and it is rare that they struggle with employment.

Love life

In love, the Dog is utterly faithful and devoted to their significant other. They never cheat, although it would be a mistake to say that it makes their love life clear and straightforward, as such a person likes making up their own problems and are never entirely sure of what they want. The constantly go through some doubts and struggle with contrasting emotions. They are not able to express all of their feelings and are quite frankly okay with that, as they do not want to be perceived as weak. Still, they always manage to create a peaceful and happy relationship, although only on the surface, as the Dog always has some contrived grievances towards themselves or the other person.

They will communicate fine with a Tiger, a Pig and a Rooster. As for unfavorable configurations, the worst possibility would surely be a relationship with a Goat, which would never give them happiness so it’s not even worth starting.

A female Dog is shy towards men, complexes and fear for making a laughing stock out of herself will usually paralyze her. It is therefore obvious that each contact with a newly met man is a great challenge to her and she often prefers to give it up completely than go through torment and stress. It is very difficult for her to open up before someone and a lot of time has to pass for it to happen. Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience to wait for it so it is relatively difficult for her to find a suitable partner. For her, there is no relationship without love, so if she does not find it her entire life, she will always be alone. Other than that, she does not have any special requirements regarding her future partner. It is only important that he loves and respects her. She will definitely not accept an egoist who would not pay any attention to her needs. She also requires unquestionable faithfulness, as she guarantees it herself. When she starts a family, it becomes the most important thing in the world to her. She longs for life stabilization, and her behavior does not always make it possible to get, at least not as quickly as she would like it.

A male Dog is a homebody, longing for the warmth and comfort of home. He does not bother with passing romances, so when he starts his love life, he is strongly convicted to find a life partner to create a happy home with. He looks for a woman who is caring, warm, determined to live together with him, and with strong maternal instinct, as he dreams of children. He is not a seducer and does not want to be one, so when he is in a stable relationship, he does not have the slightest problem with staying faithful to his partner. In love, he is quite affectionate and open to the needs of his significant other, but he cannot be considered bustling with fantasy or romanticism. A life by his side can thus be a bit monotonous, but he subconsciously looks for a woman who would not have any bizarre expectations from life and relationship, a traditionalist – a wife and a mother, guardian of the hearth and home.

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