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Capricorn : health and diet

heatlh and diet

Capricorn’s health

People of Capricorn are prone to digestion related diseases, mostly caused by their excessive ambition and natural nervousness, they may also have problems with joints and suffer from rheumatism, as well as from bone and skin diseases. They should be always warmly-dressed, remember about healthy and well-balanced diet, and avoid stressing situations – and if they are inevitable – don’t take them too seriously.

Capricorn’s diet

Since people of Capricorn are prone to digestive disorders, they should eat light meals, like, for example, rice, but also use digestion stimulating herbs and spices, which are: barley, thyme, quince, hop, ivy, celery, chicory, radish.

As a general rule, Capricorns are not gluttons, although they enjoy eating, especially sophisticated chicken and fish dishes. It would be best for them not to eat alone. They should avoid coffee, however, yogurts and a bit of whiskey are allowed.

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