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Capricorn : character


Capricorn’s features of characteristic

People of Capricorn are predisposed to become clerics, ambassadors, scientists, artists or men of state. They are usually realistic, which is their great advantage, but also strong, determined in striving for goals, putting a lot of effort to reach them, which often results in neglected personal life. Their problem is, that although they are very sensitive, expressing emotions don’t come easy to them, and they may be perceived as cold and reserved. They also have problems with compromising their personal and professional lives, so their families often break, which additionally magnify the typical for every Capricorn natural melancholy.

Another typical for this sign  features are: being reserved, sometimes even insidious, as well as too serious attitude to matters, respect for the past, ambition and ability to adapt to every circumstances.

As a general rule, Capricorn don’t climb the career ladder to fast, they achieve successes thanks to hard work and determination, but they avoid shortcuts and cheating. Once they chose a path, they never get off it, as they value time and effort put in a matter. They are scrupulous and diligent, fulfill responsibly every duty – not too fast, but always carefully and loyally.

They are life and soul of the party, and only such a position suits them in company. They don’t have many friends, but people they meet are reliable and trustworthy, they know Capricorn’s advantages and weaknesses well and are always ready to help. However, it’s worth remembering that Capricorns repels people easily, sometimes because of trivial reasons, and it’s not easy to win back their trust. They do remember about their benefactors and can be really thankful. They become more sympathetic and understanding with age, and usually manage to defeat the characteristic coldness.

Problematic for Capricorns may prove gastric disorders, which are more likely related to their excessive ambitions. They also tend to be apathetic, discouraged and sad, that’s why there always should be a person who could console and cheer them up.

Capricorns as partners

capricorn as partnerShe-Capricorn is a typical traditionalist, well-organized, diligent and welcoming, brave in love and very responsible. She is attracted by responsible, calm, serious, sedate, provident and hard working men. Unfortunately, she usually decides to get married too precipitately – she may confuse being attached to someone with being in love with him. Her characteristic feature is jealousy, but she hates it in other people.

He-Capricorn, on the other hand, values family life and can be a good head of the family. He is practical, usually avoids flirting with many women at once, concentrating on one of them. Unfortunately, he is rather cold and hides his feelings, that is why his partner has to be patient and help him open to her.

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