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7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Capricorn

Responsible Capricorn also has disadvantages. Check what!

Many people seem to have no faults. Unfortunately, this is not true.


The system of stars supports and adds strength but blames people for the disadvantages with which one has to live. Everyone has disadvantages; they are of a different caliber.

You can live with those that do not disturb anyone; some make your life unbearable. As it turns out, some disadvantages are familiar to people born under a specific sign of the Zodiac.

Whether they believe it or not, everyone has a sign of the Zodiac to their date of birth, according to which he has certain character traits, abilities, and faults.

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac and patrons, born between December 22 and January 20. Saturn is a favorable planet for Capricorn and amber and onyx with stones.

However, even such a “decent” sign of the Zodiac has drawbacks. Capricorn is very responsible, disciplined, and patient.

That’s why they work very well in professions that require such advantages from them. They will fit very well in finance-related disciplines – a banker, an accountant analyst. And also, those where you need to act meticulously and precisely – architecture, engineer.


1. Demanding

He hates unpreparedness and ignorance of others. He requires the best form and preparation from his colleagues.

He does not accept excuses and defenses. Since he can run at full speed for a long time, he demands others. Capricorn’s children do not have the normal situation. They have to be the best.


2. Success above everything

There is no price that Capricorn will not pay for success, and nothing will stop him. Ambition means that Capricorn will work hard, but he will not hesitate to use the weaknesses of others to his advantage.

He will not count on the team’s good and reduce his merit to help someone.

Success above everything

3. Grumble

Complaining, infamy, and constantly being on them make Capricorns one of the depressive signs of the Zodiac.

Capricorn dislikes new things; he feels good when changes come, continually destroys and complains about them. He likes it when everything is old, and always better to judge something that ‘was’ than something that ‘is.’


4. Unprofessional

Capricorn does not feel good surrounded by others. He feels good in his home. He prefers to rest in privacy with the book or watch a film at home than in a crowd.

Events, meetings, and fun are a waste of time and unnecessary confusion.


5. Cold

Capricorns cannot talk about feelings; they are not prone to flurries of the heart. He dislikes confusion and spectacles around his emotions.

In a relationship, he is responsible, trustworthy, but you cannot expect romanticism. For Capricorn, the declaration of love is paying the bills, a full fridge, and a purchased life policy.


6. Sly

Capricorn likes to buy lovely, stylish gifts; you will not be satisfied with a handmade card or an inexpensive gift.

What is essential, Capricorn will not repay the same. He will buy something on promotion, not caring too much if you like it or not. Although he is never short of it, Capricorn dislikes spending his money. He mustn’t spend too much.


7. Zero madness

Stabilization and routine are the best plans for life, according to Capricorn. They dislike surprises and prefer to plan everything well in advance.

Their management and organization mean that Capricorn will not take you on an unexpected trip but plan your holiday to see all the attractions, relax and eat in exciting restaurants.

Zero madness
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