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7 sins and faults of the zodiacal Cancers

Cancer is considered to be an ideal sign. Are you sure? Discover the 7 main drawbacks of Zodiacal Cancers

Everyone has disadvantages, even if they think it does not concern them.


There is no flawless person. It is important how a person deals with these disadvantages. Some people know that they are not perfect and have to work on themselves; they try to do well.

With a big banner, “I am what I am,” there are also people who think that they do not have to work on themselves.

The Cancers are born between 22 June and 22 July. They are full of contradictions. However, they are considered signs that live well.

They are caring, faithful, and sound. They care not only for others but also for the environment and nature. Their care is legendary; that’s why they feel good in a competition that involves helping others.

Cancer has the water element sign, and its lucky stones are pearls, opals, moonstones, and coral. Cancer will create a good relationship with Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

It will also be engaging with Taurus and Virgo. However, Cancer also has defects that often make it impossible to withstand them.

When you want to make Cancer happy, you can take care of yourself; you will also be pleased with home and cookbooks.


1. Shyness

Cancer is sometimes morbidly shy. They find it hard to make new friends, and to speak two complete sentences in sympathy often borders on a miracle.

Cancer is very cautious in love; they hesitate long before they dare to talk to the opposite sex. Shyness is hard to break, but they will be faithful and devoted to him once they love someone.


2. Humorous

Cancers have very changeable moods; it is difficult to make them feel happy. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with Cancer’s behavior, and it does not affect everyone around you.

Cancer is often homeopaths who find it very hard to tolerate weather changes. Instantly, Cancer can spurt with energy, be full of life, and after a while, give some humor.


3. Oversensitive

The whole world very much feels Cancer. His sensitivity makes him experience everything around him. Everything impacts him, he is sad, and he is experiencing.

His troubles hurt him; if he gets into a state of nature, he can have black thoughts. His oversensitivity and suffering for the world can infect the bar of willingness to act and leave him reflecting on the world’s fate.


4. Tenderness

Cancer without proper motivation often stray into the past; remember it. The recollection of the past, of what it was, can turn Cancer into melancholy Cancer.

Cancer cannot tolerate changes, losses,, and it’s hard for them to go again after someone leaves their lives. Then they need an impulse and a task that they will sacrifice.


5. Caution

It is an advantage, but Cancer avoids all risks; they slow down even on the green light because it can change to yellow.

Cancer plays the game of infamy in such cases, and the prospect of change and decision-making puts them in fear.

They dislike to bear the consequences of their choices for fear that they will do something wrong and everything will be their fault.


6. They cannot stand criticism

When it is reprimanded or criticized, Cancer is considered an aggrieved party, a martyr, and wrongly accused. Each criticism hurts him greatly and reduces their courage.

Cancer must have a clear goal and set out how to proceed, then they stick to it and are not afraid.

They cannot stand criticism

7. They attach themselves very much

Cancers attach themselves to people and things. Their loved ones can give away everything. Often, they cannot throw away something because they have too much affection for it.

That’s why Cancer has to make sure that their collection of souvenirs does not change into a rubbish dump. It is an advantage; however, like the sensitivity in Cancers, it may have a malignant shade.

They attach themselves very much
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