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September 23

Who was born on September 23 is
an eccentric person who strives
to solve the mystery of life.

September 23 Birthday Horoscope


Widely talented, they show a love for reading, scientific work, medicine and literature. They gladly collect books. An exceptionally gifted analyst who decisively defends the truth and never steps away from it.

They are frequently interested in philosophy, occultism and show a tendency for spiritual development.

Philosophically disposed, they gladly indulge in solitary contemplation, showing a certain tendency for melancholy. Their mind is eccentric, for they are a seeker of all things hidden, a proponent of unusual studies who wishes to explore the secrets of existence.

Deep in serious thoughts, often withdrawn and alienated from life. They experience all disappointments quite severely.

The lack trust and decisiveness, not believing in themselves strongly enough. This birthday brings two types of people: positive and negative. They are either just and neutral, characterized by high ideals and deep mind, or unstable, untrustworthy, impatient, reckless, always bothering everyone with their criticism.

What should they strive for? Most of all, to achieve the highest moral development they can. They should stay away from shallow materialism and consider the fact that everything in the earthly life eventually passes.

Marriage is often associated with sad experiences. Profession. They will find success in professions related to land, agriculture, mines – they can achieve wealth in them provided they overcome their recklessness in financial matters. It might also happen that their subordinates cause them significant trouble; at other times they might bring them financial benefits.

A woman born on this day can encounter emotional distress and an unfavorable marriage. Who was born today should care for the state of their nerves and avoid overworking themselves, otherwise they could fall into disorder and chaos.

September 23th zodiac sign Libra

September 23th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on September 23 your zodiac sign is Libra

Birthday Personality – September 23

character for September 23thcharacter : self-reliant, quiet, kind-hearted, mad, cheeky, proud;
profession : judge, astrophysicist, anesthesiologist;
colors : green, cream, baby blue;
stone : sapphire;
animal : Toucan;
plant : Weeping willow;
lucky numbers : 11,24,30,43,50,56
power lucky number : 32

Holidays and observances – September 23th

  • National Day (Saudi Arabia)
  • Holocaust Memorial Day (Lithuania)
  • Celebrate Bisexuality Day (Bisexual community)
  • Christian Feast Day: AdomnĂĄn, Padre Pio, Pope Linus, Sossius, Thecla (Roman Catholic Church), September 23 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics).
  • Teachers’ Day (Brunei Darussalam)

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