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October 8

Who was born on October 8 is fond of entertainment and sensitive to flattery.

October 8 Birthday Horoscope

They are merciful, compassionate and glad to help. To feel truly good, they need a sympathetic atmosphere around them. Merry, humorous, fond of new ideas, and their mischievousness can mislead others. They gladly live in luxury and pursue pleasures. They like the company of the opposite sex and are sensitive to flattery.

Loving deeply – they gladly sacrifice in love, although they are not characterized by stability. Their marriage will not be short of bad experiences. Their mind is very active and clever. Gifted with an exceptional sense of rhythm and proportion, they can become a good musician or architect. They are despised by everything that is miserable and simplistic. Convinced of their success – they are easily susceptible to enthusiasm.

october8They do not have any great ambitions. However, they try not to harm others by pursuing their dreams. Despite their love for comfort – they constantly try to acquire a good position, which they are usually successful at. Although they often make big mistakes in formation of their life plans – they usually find success in life. Their flaws is sometimes being too focused on their own person, which can turn into egoism.

Although their inner self is striving for perfection, they fail to realize it in life – becoming too meticulous and wasting time on needless details. When time comes to make a quick decision – they easily lose their head and get confused. What should they strive for?

To strengthen their will, for many bad experiences that await them are due to their weak character. They are usually proportionally built, with beautiful eyes, soft and lush hair – spreading an atmosphere of kindness, friendship and satisfaction around themselves.

October 8th zodiac sign Libra

October 8th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on October 8 your zodiac sign is Libra

Birthday Personality – October 8

character for October 8thcharacter : natural, firm, definite, unpredictable, casual, disdainful;
profession : driver, anthropologist, ophthalmologist;
colors : brown, gray, gray;
stone : goshenite;
animal : Tarsier;
plant : Umbrella tree;
lucky numbers : 14,25,26,34,42,57
power lucky number : 12

October 8

October 8

Holidays and observances – October 8th

  • Earliest day on which Discoverer’s Day can fall, while October 14 is the latest; observed on the second Monday of October (Hawaii)
  • Christian Feast Day: Palatias and Laurentia, Pelagia (Roman Catholic Church), San Ernesto, Che Guevera as a saint. (Bolivian campesinos), William Dwight Porter Bliss and Richard T. Ely (Episcopal Church (USA)), October 8 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Air Force Day (India)
  • Navy Day (Peru)
  • Earliest day on which the first day of Fire Prevention Week can fall, while October 14 is the latest; observed on the second week of October. (United States and Canada)
  • Earliest day on which Columbus Day can fall, while October 14 is the latest; observed on the second Monday of October (United States)
  • Independence Day, celebrates the official separation of Croatia from Yugoslavia in 1991.
  • Earliest day on which International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction can fall, while October 14 is the latest; observed on the second Wednesday of October (Hawaii)

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