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October 7

Who was born on October 7 is
sensitive, independent; a good
observer. They skillfully imitate others.

October 7 Birthday Horoscope

All in all, they are a kind person who accurately observes everything in their environment and always wants to learn something new from their experiences. They strongly feel everything that goes on around them. Their comparative abilities make them learn a lot in life. Sensitive, caring, easily susceptible to enthusiasm.

Beauty in every form makes significant impression on the, and their judgment is always sharp and subtle. Fond of order and harmony, they have an inner sense of justice, balance and neutrality. They can skillfully utilize the abilities of other people and their work. Quite skittish of demeanor – they often show a scenic talent and are characterized by innate abilities for imitation.

Quite proud, subtle – able to imitate others – so well they can even deceive themselves in regard of their feelings for other people. When irritated, they easily calm down. Not always free from certain melancholy that comes to light in their life from time to time. A proponent of independence and self-reliance. Although they gladly step down in less important matters at the request of their environment – they faithfully guard their principles and life goals.

october7In religious life, such a person strives for harmony and unity, and disputes of theologians on various religions are distasteful to them. When they cannot find the ideal of beauty and harmony in religion – they turn to the direct beauty of life, leaving rituals and ceremonies behind. They live in the present – with what live gives them, without looking back at the past.

They rarely analyze their own soul or deal with troublesome deductions. Failures that can await in the future do not scare them. Flaws. They are too easily susceptible to the outer conditions of life and influence of outsiders, as well as to feelings. They should beware mediumism in all of its forms, avoiding spiritualistic and hypnotic sĂŠances.

October 7th zodiac sign Libra

October 7th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on October 7 your zodiac sign is Libra

Birthday Personality – October 7

character for October 7thcharacter : loyal, hard-working, kind, sanguine, playful, dissipated;
profession : obstetrician, translator, flight attendant;
colors : brown, pink, silver;
stone : alexandrite;
animal : Lion;
plant : Prayer plant;
lucky numbers : 4,18,19,21,33,49
power lucky number : 27

October 7

October 7

Holidays and observances – October 7th

  • The first day of Nagasaki Kunchi (Nagasaki)
  • Christian Feast Day: Justina of Padua (former), Osgyth, Our Lady of the Rosary, Pope Mark, Sergius and Bacchus, Henry Muhlenberg (Episcopal Church (USA)), October 7 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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