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October 30

Who was born on October 30 owes their career to themselves.

October 30 Birthday Horoscope

They put significant righteousness and energy together with a sense of dignity, all a basis for their future greatness. Intelligent, inventive, characterized by practical abilities. They are the creator of their position and good reputation. Their work can grant them an excellent position and wealth.

They can become a good doctor – talented, calm, full of silent inner power which work on even the most stubborn o patients. Their diagnoses are unusually quick and accurate, and their sharpness might even make them able to stand out as a detective. They can be also successful in trade, exploitation of inventions, as well in professions related to precious stones and metals.

october30As an engineer – they can be very successful in practice. Most of the time, they are not original about their work, yet their cleverness allows them to skillfully utilize and realize the ideas of other, more inventive people. Their excellent analytical skills and destructive criticism also grant them success as en employee. Likely to be honored, especially when dealing with criminal matters.

When others back down from hardships and obstacles – they only find encouragement. Every issue that required much effort and heroic perseverance draws them in right away. In order to feel truly happy, they have to overcome hardships and obstacles. Interested in everything related to creation of new life and death. Devoted to life in its more subtle forms.

October 30th zodiac sign Scorpio

October 30th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on October 30 your zodiac sign is Scorpio

Birthday Personality – October 30

character for October 30thcharacter : sincere, penetrating, honest, despicable, haughty, harsh;
profession : maid, composer, engineer;
colors : black, brown, red;
stone : pearl;
animal : Norwegian Forest;
plant : Juniper tree;
lucky numbers : 9,19,39,45,48,49
power lucky number : 21

October 30

October 30

Holidays and observances – October 30th

  • Anniversary of the Declaration of the Slovak Nation (Slovakia)
  • Thevar Jayanthi (Thevar community)
  • International Orthopaedic Nurses Day
  • Mischief Night (United States)
  • Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions (former Soviet republics, except Ukraine)
  • Christian Feast Day: Alonso RodrĂ­guez, Herbert, Marcellus of Tangier, Saturninus of Cagliari, Serapion of Antioch, John Wycliffe (Episcopal Church (USA)), October 30 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Devil’s Night (Michigan)

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