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October 29

Who was born on October 29 is
independent, enduring, proud;
they have excellent analytical skills.

October 29 Birthday Horoscope

Careful and attentive even when it comes to the tiniest details. They care for their own work and strive with perseverance for the best results. They love independence. talented, sensitive, prone for indulgence – however, they not do allow others to influence them easily. They are difficult to understand and not easily dealt with.

True, they are not too demanding about secondary matters – but they can go very far once their suspicion and jealousy are awoken. They have a strong organism, gifted with amazing endurance. Therefore, that sense of physical strength often allows them surpass the norms or hygiene, be it due to overworking or excess. They might show such perseverance and endurance about their work that no other person could hope to match.

october29They are proud when they manage to see their task through without caring much for food or rest – when all others are long exhausted. But when they once fall to insomnia, they find it difficult to get back to form. Independent, stable, confident – they are good on their own and are not looking for friends. Very clear and logical about their practical life. They are drawn to business, public, state and educational affairs, caring little for the advice of others or their management. Their excellent critical and analytical skills come together with strong will and self-dignity.

October 29th zodiac sign Scorpio

October 29th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on October 29 your zodiac sign is Scorpio

Birthday Personality – October 29

character for October 29thcharacter : resistant, easy, cheerful, oversensitive, haughty, quick-tempered;
profession : obstetrician, scientist, economist;
colors : beige, green, scarlet;
stone : sapphire;
animal : Bearded Dragon;
plant : Coleus;
lucky numbers : 17,19,22,32,47,49
power lucky number : 13

October 29

October 29

Holidays and observances – October 29th

  • Christian Feast Day: Abraham of Rostov, Douai Martyrs, Gaetano Errico, James Hannington (Anglicanism), Narcissus of Jerusalem (Roman Catholic Church), October 29 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Coronation Day (Cambodia)
  • Republic Day or Cumhuriyet BayramÄą (Turkey)


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