Daily horoscope

October 23

Who was born on October 23 is
withdrawn and prone to alienate
from others.

October 23 Birthday Horoscope

They are stable, careful and considerate. They demonstrate a strong will, tact and striving for power, passionately indulging in contemplation. For they strive for inner development and spare no effort in order to grow as a person. They are somewhat withdrawn – prone for alienation from their environment.

Their mental forte is power and control. They can achieve power over others through self-control. Energetic, decisive – they can exert power over others. What should they strive for? They should avoid indulgence, yielding to their passions and pursuit of pleasures. Their highest calling should be a complete control over their feelings, passions and intellect.

october23It should be added that, despite their initial falls or mistakes, they usually firmly move forward and make significant progress. The strong influence they have on their environment can then accelerate development of their loved ones and create better life conditions for them. What threatens them? Danger coming from their enemies. As soon as they think they have full happiness and security – it might turn out they are surrounded by dangers.

How to raise a child born on this day? They have innate inventive talents, characterized by original thoughts, as well as a gift for drawing and handiwork in general. Their educators should not halt their innate originality, but develop and encourage it.

Such a child should be allowed to walk their own paths, without having their independence limited, otherwise their significant innate skills might be suppressed. When their words are doubted or they are ridiculed – they can easily learn to lie or cheat.

October 23th zodiac sign Libra

October 23th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on October 23 your zodiac sign is Libra

Birthday Personality – October 23

character for October 23thcharacter : devoted, polite, good, strict, supercilious, disrespectful;
profession : bricklayer, translator, anthropologist;
colors : orange, white, golden;
stone : alexandrite;
animal : Coyote;
plant : Golden bamboo;
lucky numbers : 15,42,45,52,56,57
power lucky number : 7

October 23

October 23

Holidays and observances – October 23th

  • National Day (Hungary)
  • Mole Day (Chemists)
  • Chulalongkorn Day (Thailand)
  • Christian Feast Day: Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius, James the Just (Lutheran/Episcopal Church), Giovanni da Capistrano, Ignatius of Constantinople, Severin of Cologne, October 23 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle (Republic of Macedonia)

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