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October 2

Who was born on October 2
governs over others and conquers
their enemies.

October 2 Birthday Horoscope

Characterized by a great strength of will. Their demeanor is clever, impulsive, aggressive and quite angry – which often causes misunderstandings in life and disharmonious cooperation. Persistent, warrior-like, relentless – a person who does not back off from a fight. They can skillfully organize everything and determine the right place for everyone.

They are also a great analyst – serious, foreseeing, insightful. Where others – more superficial observers – can see no shortcomings – they instantaneously perceive all the errors. Characterized by their diplomatic, strategic and tactical abilities, which can be of great help to them in life and relations with others, especially in military career. They usually manage to assure their power over others in life.

october2They rule and triumph over their enemies. It should be added that they are a faithful and honest person who always seeks the best in life. They relentlessly stick to their principles and methods of practical action. They strive for balance and harmony through all the changing twists of earthly fate – to eventually achieve them. Their intuition makes it easy for them to find the right path of spiritual development.

They wish to realize a harmony between feelings and thoughts. As soon as they reach inner harmony – they quickly make a career thanks to skillful moves on the chessboard of life.

What threatens them? They should beware of dangers that await them in battles. Health. Who was born today has an infallible instinct that leads to good health and strong organism. Their balanced character lets them avoid extremes and excess. However, their health might suffer due to significant emotional turmoil, especially when their inner sense of justice is damaged. They can also suffer through excessive focus on their own specialty and one-sided views.

October 2th zodiac sign Libra

October 2th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on October 2 your zodiac sign is Libra

Birthday Personality – October 2

character for October 2thcharacter : stable, penetrating, kindly, unruly, importunate, vile;
profession : tram driver, architect, librarian;
colors : white, brown, baby blue;
stone : spinel;
animal : Komodo Dragon;
plant : Rosemary;
lucky numbers : 5,44,45,55,58,59
power lucky number : 7

October 2

October 2

Holidays and observances – October 2th

  • Mehregan, according to Iranian civil calendar. (Iran)
  • Gandhi’s birthday-related observances: Gandhi Jayanti (India), International Day of Non-Violence (International)
  • Batik Day (Indonesia)
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Guinea from France in 1958.
  • Christian Feast Day: Feast of the Guardian Angels, Leodegar, October 2 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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