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October 19

October 19 – Famous Birthdays

Gillian Jacobs (TV ACTRESS) 1982

Desmond Harrington (TV ACTOR) 1976

Rebecca Ferguson (MOVIE ACTRESS) 1983

October 19 – Famous Birthdays

1605 Sir Thomas Browne British writer (Garden of Cyrus)
1784 John McLoughlin Hudson’s Bay Co pioneer in Oregon Country
1784 Leigh Hunt British writer (Lord Byron)
1862 Auguste LumiŠre made 1st movie (Workers Leaving LumiŠre Factory)
1863 John Huston Finley Ill, editor (NY Times (1937-38))
1868 Bertha Landes 1st woman elected mayor of a major US city (Seattle)
1876 Mordecai (3 finger) Brown hall of fame pitcher
1882 Vincas Kreve-Mickievicius Lithuania, poet/philologist/playwright
1889 Uncle Art Satherly entertainer
1895 Lewis Mumford cultural historian/city planner/writer
1899 Miguel Asturias Guatemala, poet/novelist/diplomat (Nobel 1967)
1901 Arleigh A Burke US, admiral (WW II)
1909 Robert Beatty actor (Amorous Mr Pawn)
1910 Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar India, physicist (Nobel 1983)
1911 George Cates NYC, orch leader (Lawrence Welk Show)
1913 Jean Urruty France, Jai-Alai champion
1916 David Lewis Pitts Pa, actor (Edward Quartermaine-General Hospital)
1916 Emil Gilels Odessa Russia, pianist (Brussels Competition-1938)
1920 LaWanda Page Cleve Ohio, actress (Aunt Esther-Sanford & Sons)
1921 George Nader Pasadena Calif, actor (Robot Monster, Away All Boats)
1921 Gunnar Nordahl Sweden, soccer players (Olympic-gold-1948)
1922 Jack Anderson newspaper columnist (Wash Post)
1925 Bernard Hepton Bradford England, actor (6 Wives of Henry VIII)
1927 Piere Alechinsky Belgium, artist (Les Hautes herbes)
1928 Buff Cobb Florence Italy, actress (Masquerade Party)
1929 Balbir Singh India, field hockey player (Olympic-gold-1948-56)
1931 John Le Carr‚ England, spy novelist (Little Drummer Girl)
1932 Lloyd Haynes South Bend Indiana, actor (Pete Dixon-Room 222)
1932 Robert Reed Highland Park Ill, actor (Mike-Brady Bunch, Nurse)
1933 Wilfried Dietrich German FR, super-heavyweight (Olympic-gold-1960)
1936 Tony Lo Bianco Brooklyn NY, actor (Ann Jillian Story, Hizzoner!)
1937 Sean Garrison NYC, actor (Up Periscope, Splendor in the Grass)
1939 Benita Valente Delano Calif, soprano (Pamina-Die Zauberfl”te)
1940 Jerzy Kulej Poland, light welterweight boxer (Olympic-gold-1964, 68)
1945 Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead) film actor, born Towson, MD. USA
1945 John Lithgow actor (Harry & the Hendersons)
1955 Lonnie Shelton NBA forward (NY Knick, Seattle Supersonics)
1955 Pat Klous Hutchinson Ks, actress (Marcy-Flying High, Judy-Love Boat)
1956 Sue Barker tennis pro (French Open 1976)
1960 Jennifer Holiday singer/actress (Dream Girls)
1960 Woody rocker (Voice of the Beehive-Let it Bee)
1962 Evander Hollyfield Heavyweight boxing champ (1990- )
1965 Maria Lee Ostapiej La Mess Calif, Miss Calif-America (1991)
1966 Amy Linker Brooklyn NY, actress (Lewis & Clark, Lauren-Square Pegs)
1966 Anna Clark San Francisco Ca, playmate (Apr, 1987)
1966 Sinitta rocker (Omn Sinitta)
1967 Amy Carter Pres Carter’s daughter/peace activist

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