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October 16

Who was born on October 16 is
ambitious, independent, a neutral

October 16 Birthday Horoscope

They are a good diplomat and strategist. Careful, systematic, patient and thinking, an excellent analyst. Energetic and ambitious – they are exceptionally clever, and their mentality expresses a wide variety of interests. Composed and level-headed – they also have significant abilities of observation. They find interest in scientific studies, often showing love for chemistry of pharmacy.

When they study the laws of nature – their works can become widely useful, which might earn them success in life and recognition. They can make important discoveries in the field of science. It should be added that they also show artistic talents. They travel a lot. They tend to often change their place of residence, not staying in one place for long, and lead a travelling life.

october16They are always filled with hope which does not leave them in their life struggles. They often show tendencies for platonic love. There are quite significant differences between a man and a woman born on this day.

For a man seeks his own path in life, finding the right companions and work, learning early on how to use their great intuition for financial ends. A woman, on the other hand, does not show that masculine independence and unease. Her intentions are most of the time noble but she cannot live up to her obligations.

She finds very little interest in financial matters, often showing carelessness in that area. It should be added that, be it a man or a woman, they are always scrupulously honest in financial matters. They can be good government officials, especially in the areas that require a lot of tact, politeness and a variety of talents. Seeing others’ suffering or physical ailments is a bad experience for them, which is why people born on this day are rarely medical practitioners.

October 16th zodiac sign Libra

October 16th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on October 16 your zodiac sign is Libra

Birthday Personality – October 16

character for October 16thcharacter : emotional, perceptive, unyielding, hesitant, quarrelsome, harsh;
profession : astrophysicist, teacher, physicist;
colors : teal, pink, emerald;
stone : amethyst;
animal : Rhinoceros;
plant : Strawberry;
lucky numbers : 3,7,14,22,36,58
power lucky number : 15

October 16

October 16

Holidays and observances – October 16th

  • Christian Feast Day: Fortunatus of Casei, Gall, Gerard Majella, Hedwig of Andechs, Hugh Latimer (Anglicanism), Marguerite Marie Alacoque, Marie-Marguerite d’Youville, Nicholas Ridley, (Anglicanism), Silvanus of Ahun, October 16 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • World Anaesthesia Day (International)
  • Day of Pope John Paul II (Poland)
  • Teachers’ Day (Chile)
  • Boss’s Day (United States and Canada)
  • Air Force Day (Bulgaria)
  • Death anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan (Pakistan)
  • World Food Day (International)

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