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October 12

Who was born on October 12 is
imperious, confident – a proponent
of new views.

October 12 Birthday Horoscope

Whatever situation in life they might find themselves in – they show traits characteristic for an imperious individual who strives for control. Therefore, the fate of other people sooner or later becomes dependent on their will. They have enough inner strength, power of character and moral confidence that they will eventually triumph over their rivals and enemies.

Proud, ambitious – they wish to acquire general recognition and common respect. They strive to lead an intense life, full of suspense. A devoted proponent of new views – which might even border on fanaticism. It should be added they are also interested in philosophy and abstract issues. They wish to make a career with great tact and perseverance. After all, they are quire noble, serious and composed.

october12So things will eventually turn out in such a way that they can take a good position and adequate material security. They live quite long and often lead a carefree life, as long as they manage to control the outbursts of melancholy they sometimes experience. Their own effort and persistent work can grant them success and inner satisfaction. However, they should not look for happiness on other trails – for their hopes can then be let down. A woman born on this day is shorter than a man – she has nice complexion and is well-built.

She has a pleasant voice, is humorous and often laughs – she can also evaluate the cheerfulness and humor of others. Full of grace – she has pretty hands and compassionate heart that finds mercy over the suffering and needy. Her husband often misunderstands her subtle nature and becomes envious. What threatens them? That their circumstances of life might force them to work long and hard, which will bring them insignificant results.

October 12th zodiac sign Libra

October 12th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on October 12 your zodiac sign is Libra

Birthday Personality – October 12

character for October 12thcharacter : generous, selfless, forbearing, worried, importunate, fussy;
profession : pianist, sound engineer, novelist;
colors : black, orange, silver;
stone : hematite;
animal : Bearded Dragon;
plant : Borage;
lucky numbers : 1,12,17,21,33,49
power lucky number : 15

October 12

October 12

Holidays and observances – October 12th

  • Children’s Day or Feast of Our Lady of Aparecida (Brazil)
  • Discovery of America by Columbus-related observances: Columbus Day (United States), Piomingo Day (Chickasaw Nation), Descubrimiento de AmĂŠrica (Mexico), DĂ­a de la Hispanidad or Fiesta Nacional de EspaĂąa (Spain), DĂ­a de la Raza, “Day of the Race” (Latin America), DĂ­a de la Resistencia IndĂ­gena, “Day of Indigenous Resistance” (Venezuela), DĂ­a de las AmĂŠricas, “Day of the Americas” (Uruguay), DĂ­a de las Culturas, “Day of the Cultures” (Costa Rica), Discovery Day (the Bahamas)
  • Christian Feast Day: Heribert of Cologne (private feast day), Wilfrid of Ripon, Edith Cavell, Elizabeth Fry (Church of England), October 12 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Freethought Day (United States)
  • UN Spanish Language Day (United Nations)
  • Mother’s Day (Malawi)
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Equatorial Guinea from Spain in 1968.

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