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November 4

Who was born on November 4 is cautious, patient, inventive; they follow their own path in life.

November 4 Birthday Horoscope

Composed, ingenious, inventive – they strive for independence and power. The touch of their hands is delicate, and their perception – very high. They look for inspiration for their achievements in life within. Their ideas are original, and when implementing them – they often show significant organizational skills, but also excessive persistence and relentlessness.

Full of pride – they require their environment to adapt to it; they dislike any excessive intimacy. They care for their reputation and would like to enjoy a good opinion in the eyes of the world. They do not allow anyone to influence them, succumbing to no complaints or threats, they keep their cool in all of life’s situations.

That often makes them appear insensitive, but most of the time it is only an illusion caused by their excessive confidence. For, in their heart of hearts, they are a very sensitive person, gifted with great artistic sense, often with outstanding abilities. They have significant diplomatic skills and can become a statesman.

What threatens them? They have numerous enemies who wish to mislead them. Although they will be able to overcome them and keep themselves from permanent harm – they will do so at the cost of the level of their inner life.

November 4th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on November 4 your zodiac sign is Scorpio

November 4th zodiac sign Scorpio

Birthday Personality – November 4

character : lenient, spotless, talented, mercenary, excitable, empty;
profession : sculptor, cashier, ophthalmologist;
colors : gold, green, emerald;
stone : agate;
animal : Coyote;
plant : Hyacinth;
lucky numbers : 1,2,6,24,35,57
power lucky number : 27


Holidays and observances – November 4th

  • Unity Day (Russia)
  • Yitzhak Rabin Memorial (unofficial, but widely commemorated)
  • National Tonga Day (Tonga)
  • Flag Day (Panama)
  • Community Service Day (Dominica)
  • National Unity and Armed Forces Day or Giorno dell’Unità Nazionale e Festa delle Forze Armate (Italy)

November 4 Famous Birthdays. Who was born the same day as you ?

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