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November 23

Who was born on November 23 has great intuition and is difficult to mislead.

November 23 Birthday Horoscope

Very clever, exceptionally sensitive and subtle – they will easily see through any intrigues, which makes them a good potential detective. The individuality of such a person is reminiscent of an archer who sees a distant target and does not let it escape their eyes, believing they can eventually hit it. For they have high ideals they strive for with diligence. They not only constantly develop and strive for prizes, but also gladly help others.

Prone for all kinds of sports, just and religious. What should they be wary of? Fruitless effort, dreams, useless projects which will not bring any practical results. What is their greatest flaw? Their cooperation with others is more dependent on whim and chance than a reasonable assessment of a situation. So, the results of such a cooperation will not always be positive and it is better not to count on them.

However, their independent mind and a love for neutrality, simplicity and directness will being them many benefits in life, which will comfort them in their struggles and difficulties. Being born on this way usually means two kinds of marriages. Just as such a person’s skills are varied – so can their profession be dual. Social relations turn out to be very useful in the life of this individual, and people in higher places will aid them.

They will life rather long, and the illnesses they can be in danger of will usually be short. They often change their place of residence – which tends be to related to their work. They often come across difficulties in the first half of their life, only to have their life improved later.

November 23th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on November 23 your zodiac sign is Sagittarius

November 23th zodiac sign Sagittarius

Birthday Personality – November 23

character : cunning, quiet, sparkling, passive, hostile, mischievous;
profession : plasterer, dressmaker, maid;
colors : gold, orange, claret;
stone : spinel;
animal : Killer Whale;
plant : Watercress;
lucky numbers : 4,13,18,23,33,59
power lucky number : 12

personality and character November 23th

Holidays and observances – November 23th

  • Labor Thanksgiving Day (Japan)
  • Earliest day on which Black Friday can fall, while November 29 is the latest; observed on the day after Thanksgiving (United States), and its related observances: Buy Nothing Day (North America, Great Britain, Sweden)
  • St George’s Day (Georgia) or Giorgoba (Georgia)
  • Repudiation Day (Frederick County, Maryland, United States)
  • Rudolf Maister Day (Slovenia)

November 23 Famous Birthdays. Who was born the same day as you ?

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