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November 16

Who was born on November 16 is energetic, eager – always busy.

November 16 Birthday Horoscope

They show excellent practical abilities, especially in terms of business and trade relations. They do, however, also have purely theoretical talents, able to achieve good results in a scientific career. Their passions are rather humble. They can adapt to the conditions of the environment.

But it should not be assumed that they are weak or indecisive; they are always characterized by courage, fearlessness, eagerness, perseverance. They are exceptionally strong of character, able to rise – like a phoenix – from the ashes of their own experiences. Their organism is generally quire resilient, although open to infections due to its unusual sensitivity.

When they fall sick, to do so for real. However, the sickness is sometimes mild due to the organism’s great resilience and vitality. Rest and a reasonable lifestyle; these are the best remedies for such a person, for they allow for such an organism’s powerful regeneration to work.

They themselves, however, show interest in heroic and radical measures, rarely allowing nature to complete its work of full convalescence. That love for strong medicine can be even harmful to them. It is the way their innate willingness to achieve power shows, they want to have immediate results.

November 16th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on November 16 your zodiac sign is Scorpio

November 16th zodiac sign Scorpio

Birthday Personality – November 16

character : calm, selfless, magnanimous, unstable, coarse, idle;
profession : policeman, novelist, astronaut;
colors : olive, white, golden;
stone : goshenite;
animal : Tortoise;
plant : Holly tree;
lucky numbers : 23,34,35,38,50,57
power lucky number : 19

personality and character November 16th

Holidays and observances – November 16th

  • Icelandic Language Day or Dagur íslenskrar tungu (Iceland)
  • International Day for Tolerance (United Nations)
  • Day of Declaration of Sovereignty (Estonia)
  • Earliest day on which Day of Repentance and Prayer can fall, while November 22 is the latest; celebrated 11 days before Advent Sunday (Lutheran, Reformed (Calvinist) and United Protestant churches, Saxony, Bavaria), and its related observance: Volkstrauertag (Germany)
  • Statia Day, Sint Eustatius (Caribbean Netherlands)

November 16 Famous Birthdays. Who was born the same day as you ?

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