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May 6

Who was born on May 6 wishes to get far
in life and spares no effort to
make it happen.

May 6 Birthday Horoscope

They a subtle person, one who strives with perseverance towards their projects and life goals. Rather slow in doing things and stubborn. They hesitate at times. They enjoy peace and rest after work. They develop gradually with their varying experiences. They can pick up what is good and adapt it forever. They express a great strength of concentration and significant sensitivity bordering with mediumicity.

They are full of hope and trust that never leave them throughout all of life’s circumstances and experiences. They spare no effort to achieve perfection in something and thus gain superiority over other people.


They defend their ideals and fight for their convictions that are not changed easily. In polemics, they are decisive and able to develop great strength. When it comes to both their own affairs and those of other people, they can be very eloquent. Their character sparks interest in those around them, occasionally gaining a certain degree of success in their youth.

They can attain recognition through their artistic or literary creativity, or a financial success thanks to their resourcefulness and good orientation in business. They can also achieve positive results in the fields of science or politics. But most of all, they can stand out in art if, of course, they achieve the right development – they can spiritually ascend above the limitations of senses and matter.

Gifted with intuition and fantasy, often expressing significant musical talent. They are characterized by creative abilities of solitary musings, and an ability to focus on their work and life tasks.

They are usually slow to make judgments. It should be added that any flaws of this birthday can be overcome, for such a person is of noble mind and exalted heart. Thus, they most often achieve a good position – according to their origin and received education. They can eventually even be honored by others and attain general recognition.

May 6th zodiac sign Taurus

May 6th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on May 6 your zodiac sign is Taurus

Birthday Personality – May 6

character for May 6thcharacter : rational, wary, honest, harsh, calculating, punctilious;
profession : poet, painter, nurse;
colors : blue, beige, baby blue;
stone : red beryl;
animal : Red Panda;
plant : Lime trees;
lucky numbers : 8,15,29,34,44,56
power lucky number : 13

May 6

May 6

Holidays and observances – May 6th

  • Christian Feast Day: Anthony Middleton, Edward Jones (martyr), Dominic Savio
  • International No Diet Day
  • Yom Ha’atzmaut (Israel, 2014)
  • Martyrs’ Day (Lebanon and Syria)
  • Evodius of Antioch (Roman Catholic Church), Gerard of Lunel, Lucius of Cyrene, Petronax of Monte Cassino, St George’s Day related observances (Eastern Orthodox Church): Day of Bravery, also known as Gergyovden (Bulgaria), Đurđevdan (Gorani, Roma), Police Day (Georgia), Yuri’s Day in the Spring (Russian Orthodox Church) May 6 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Martyrs’ Day (Gabon)
  • Earliest day on which Military Spouse Day can fall, while May 12 is the latest; celebrated on Friday before Mother’s Day (United States)
  • Teachers’ Day (Jamaica)
  • The first day of  Hıdırellez (Turkey)

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