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May 21

Who was born on May 21 will find protectors and kind friends in their life.

May 21 Birthday Horoscope

They are an industrious person who stands out due to their original mind. They are so talented they can count on success in nearly every area of life. They can be a good mental worker, theorist, thinker, scholar, inventor, speaker.

Their brain works harmoniously with their hands’ practical skills, and their artistic abilities make them an excellent worker in the field of applied arts. Merry, pleasant of demeanor, sociable – they are attached to material life.

Their friends are very active people, they support them in life, which is why the Gemini usually owemay21s them a significant part of their success. They also have protectors among people of higher standing, and that protection covers a lot, resulting in many favorable outcomes. Flaws. Their overly negative and nervous temperament makes them susceptible to negative influence of their environment and bad company.

How to raise a child born on this day. Most of all, they need all the caring and thorough education they can get, as well as care for the development of their character. When left alone, without proper education, they do not develop and remains strongly sensual, ever pursuing things they desire.

When such men grow up – they speak too much and too loudly, they behave inappropriately and enjoy a bad reputation. Women, however, when undeveloped and uncontrolled, are nervous and restless. But when they receive proper education and upbringing – both the sexes express much subtlety and good taste. Overall, the character of a person born on this day is positive, with their potential family life not bad at all.

May 21th zodiac sign Gemini

May 21th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on May 21 your zodiac sign is Gemini

Birthday Personality – May 21

character for May 21thcharacter : bold, devoted, brisk, jumpy, narrow-minded, fearful;
profession : flight attendant, paediatrician, beautician;
colors : yellow, orange, claret;
stone : malachite;
animal : Polar Bear;
plant : Sassafras tree;
lucky numbers : 7,25,38,52,56,58
power lucky number : 21

May 21

May 21

Holidays and observances – May 21th

  • Navy Day (Chile)
  • Christian feast day: Christopher Magallanes, Eugène de Mazenod, Emperor Constantine I, Earliest day on which Corpus Christi can fall, while June 24 is the latest; held on Thursday after Trinity Sunday. (Roman Catholic Church), Helena of Constantinople, also known as “Feast of the Holy Great Sovereigns Constantine and Helen, Equal-to-the-Apostles.\” (Eastern Orthodox Church), May 21 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • One of the festivals of Vejovis (Roman Empire)
  • World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (International)
  • Saint Helena Day, celebrates the discovery of Saint Helena in 1502.
  • Day of Patriots and Military (Hungary)
  • Afro-Colombian Day (Colombia)
  • Circassian Day of Mourning (Circassians)

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