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May 20

Who was born on May 20 is stable,
unwavering, unyielding – but also friendly,
sympathetic and emotional.

May 20 Birthday Horoscope

Decisive, patient, persevering, practical – they are characterized by their executive skills. They are quite conservative, but their mental interests are extensive. The older they get, they more stable, unwavering, withdrawn, serious and respectful they become. It should be emphasized, though, that, for all their intransigence, their feelings are warm.

They are usually well-disposed, friendly, sympathetic and noble. Their inner character is filled with dignity and imperiousness. Careful, considerate – they are slow to make a decision, but their opinion is always practical and solid.

They are a great proponent of beauty, both in art and in nature. They especially enjoy armay20tistic luxury, beautiful surroundings and architecture. They often show artistic and construction abilities themselves, which sometimes also goes more towards architectural area. They enjoy doing things that please others and show philanthropic tendencies. Their greatest flaw in their excessive fondness of rest and unwillingness to exert effort.

This tendency for easy life and luxury might put them at risk of greater unpleasantness in life. What should they strive for. They should try to overcome their sensuality and attraction to matter they feel so strongly, and rise spiritually to the heights of abstraction. So they should try to help themselves as they would help many others. A person born on this day is usually in for a wide variety of influences in life – and their struggles will often culminate in success.

May 20th zodiac sign Taurus

May 20th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on May 20 your zodiac sign is Taurus

Birthday Personality – May 20

character for May 20thcharacter : ingenious, frank, wary, close-lipped, punctilious, suspicious;
profession : actor/actress, artist, translator;
colors : brown, orange, orange;
stone : haematite;
animal : Snapping Turtle;
plant : Lime trees;
lucky numbers : 4,25,33,39,46,51
power lucky number : 27

May 20

May 20

Holidays and observances – May 20th

  • Emancipation Day (Florida)
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of East Timor from Indonesia in 2002.
  • Christian Feast Day: Abercius and Helena, Aurea of Ostia, Austregisilus, Baudilus, Bernardino of Siena, Ivo of Chartres, Lucifer of Cagliari, Sanctan, May 20 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • European Maritime Day (European Council)
  • World Metrology Day
  • The first Council of Nicaea, CE 325 (commemoration, Anglicanism)
  • Josephine Baker Day – in 1951 the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) named May 20 Josephine Baker Day in honor of her efforts and fight against racism.
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Cuba from the United States in 1902.
  • National Day (Cameroon)
  • Day of Remembrance (Cambodia)
  • Indonesian National Awakening (Indonesia)

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