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May 2

Who was born on May 2 experiences all sympathies and antipathies strongly.

May 2 Birthday Horoscope

Persevering and hard-working – they are thorough about life, which they show even in tiny details. They find interest in scientific studies, as well as practical experiments, and yet their intellectual ability is not unusual. They are both stable of character and kind, but also possibly of great self-confidence and stubbornness, which only grows more prominent as they age.

Overall, they are well-disposed towards humanity and full of good intentions. Their nature often shows numerous contradictions. On one hand, they are dogmatic, conservative and think highly of themselves – on the other, they can adapt to their surroundings, especially to that part of the society that calls them to action. They can also easily attain elevated position where they will manage other people.


They show tact, stability, kindness and devotion in friendship, but if they are defied by someone – they can become very fierce, even almost insane if they get really upset. If they are in a kind mood, they are very loyal to other people and stay that way as long as they can rule other and walk their own path.

They do not like others meddling with their affairs, and resistance can enkindle great anger in them. Quite slow in their movements, they can always find something pleasant to do and never miss out on pleasurable opportunities life gives them.

They have good memory. The sympathies and antipathies they experience are very strong, and they often believe that those they feel sympathy for are chosen individuals with high moral standing. However, those they feel antipathy for they deem wicked. They are a person of strong feelings. Naturally sympathetic, with loyal friends, they want to get on people’s good side and wish to enkindle positive feelings in themselves and their surroundings.

It should also be admitted that they most often strive for overall peace and harmony, and enter into relationships with those of similar character. They are quite hard-working an can turn out to be a useful society member – content with what fate brings them. They are full of trust in Providence, with merry and happy demeanor.

May 2th zodiac sign Taurus

May 2th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on May 2 your zodiac sign is Taurus

Birthday Personality – May 2

character for May 2thcharacter : disinterested, hard-working, apt, dismal, imprudent, disdainful;
profession : auditor, economist, pharmacist;
colors : white, pink, red;
stone : sapphire;
animal : Stingray;
plant : Ficus tree;
lucky numbers : 3,8,11,27,38,40
power lucky number : 33

May 2

May 2

Holidays and observances – May 2th

  • Teachers’ Day (Iran)
  • Christian Feast Day: Athanasius of Alexandria (Western Christianity), Boris I of Bulgaria (Bulgarian Orthodox Church), Germanus of Normandy, Waldebert (Roman Catholic Church), May 2 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Birth Anniversary of Third Druk Gyalpo, also Teachers’ Day (Bhutan)
  • Holiday of the Region of Madrid (Community of Madrid)
  • National Education Day (Indonesia)
  • Flag Day (Poland)
  • The last day of the Festival of Ridván (Bahá’í Faith)

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