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May 19

Who was born on May 19 likes showy
performances and control over
the crowd.

May 19 Birthday Horoscope

They have artistic ability and sense of humor – they also show a knack for mimicking. They enjoy recognition and care deeply for their reputation. Their views are most of the time democratic, and yet they enjoy splendid appearances and come to the foreground in life. They strive for power, and ruling over others brings them great pleasure. They wish to govern – and it does not matter to them whether they have the necessary qualifications.

But they will eventually be overpowered themselves – when they fall into the clutches of love and under the profound influence of their spouse. They have great organizational skills and a strong will – which makes it possible to achieve high standing in life.

They are in for success in the area of art and professions related to land – agriculture, gardenmay19ing, as well as mines and their products. Being born today brings favorable opportunities for a career and wealth, be it thanks to business, successful capital investment or through stocks, public companies, etc.

Who was born today might also inherit something from their parents or relatives. Their organism is strong and shows great vital force. Flaws. They mind is often fantastic, jealous, despotic. They are not independent, they borrow thoughts, ideas and inspirations from others.

What should they be wary of. Their life is rich in strange adventures and events. So they should be careful and beware misadventures. A woman born on this day controls her husband and family. She can achieve wealth thanks to her wife.

May 19th zodiac sign taurus

May 19th – zodiac sign taurus

If your birthday is on May 19 your zodiac sign is ta

Birthday Personality – May 19

character for May 19thcharacter : patient, subtle, level-headed, mischievous, dismal, immoderate;
profession : headmaster, welder, physician;
colors : orange, black, navy blue;
stone : lapis lazuli;
animal : Hippopotamus;
plant : Mint plant;
lucky numbers : 2,12,18,28,47,55
power lucky number : 18

May 19

May 19

Holidays and observances – May 19th

  • Christian feast day: Calocerus (Eastern Orthodox Church), Dunstan (commemoration, Anglicanism), Ivo of Kermartin, Joaquina Vedruna de Mas, Maria Bernarda BĂźtler, Peter Celestine, Pudentiana (Roman Catholic Church), May 19 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Commemoration of AtatĂźrk, Youth and Sports Day (Turkey, Northern Cyprus)
  • Greek Genocide Remembrance Day (Greece)
  • Hồ ChĂ­ Minh\’s Birthday (Vietnam)
  • Malcolm X Day (United States of America)

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