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May 15

Who was born on May 15 needs a careful upbringing in their childhood.

May 15 Birthday Horoscope

They are characterized by intuition and possible poetic ability. They enjoy solitary life. They are a person of quite a weird, unusual character. Although they find themselves among people, they are often strangers to them.

For they live in their own inner world and show little interest in honors and fame. Stable, tenacious, very brave. They show great activity and expansion in life. Somewhat rough of behavior, they strive for isolation from others. They are haughty and proud of nature.

Although generally righteous – they are warrior-like of character and do not hesitate to use brute fmay15orce. They strive for assuring their position in life, but not through their own merit and work, but crafty use of circumstances and violence. It also often happens that various people become their subordinates and become dependent on them.

Their friends, however, are few. What threatens them. The end of their life can be unfavorable, if not only unpleasant. A child born on this day needs careful upbringing. When left to their own devices, they can become malicious, lying, and strive only to satisfy their desires, turning to deception and lies to that end. They also wish to forcefully take some else’s possession. When left unguarded, they become very impudent and express destructive instincts.

May 15th zodiac sign Taurus

May 15th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on May 15 your zodiac sign is Taurus

Birthday Personality – May 15

character for May 15thcharacter : cautious, talented, self-sufficient
, jumpy, frolicsome, huffy;
profession : tram driver, astronaut, headmaster;
colors : blue, olive, green;
stone : coral;
animal : Skunk;
plant : Wisteria plant;
lucky numbers : 12,18,20,36,38,57
power lucky number : 33

May 15

May 15

Holidays and observances – May 15th

  • Nakba Day (Palestinian communities)
  • Mercuralia, in honour of Mercury. (Roman Empire)
  • Peace Officers Memorial Day (United States)
  • Slovenian Army Day (Slovenia)
  • Aoi Matsuri (Kyoto)
  • Earliest date on which Armed Forces Day can fall, while May 21 is the latest; celebrated on the third Saturday of May. (United States)
  • International Day of Families (International)
  • La Corsa dei Ceri begins on the eve of the feast day of Saint Ubaldo. (Gubbio)
  • Teachers’ Day (Mexico and South Korea)
  • Constituent Assembly Day (Lithuania)
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Paraguay from Spain in 1811. Celebrations for the anniversary of the independence begin on Flag Day, May 14.
  • Christian feast day: Achillius of Larissa, Athanasius of Alexandria (Coptic Church), Dymphna, Hallvard Vebjørnsson (Norway), Hilary of Galeata, Isidore the Laborer, celebrated with festivals in various countries, the beginning of bullfighting season in Madrid.
  • Earliest date on which Bike-to-Work Day can fall, while May 21 is the latest; celebrated on the third Friday of May. (United States)
  • Jean-Baptiste de La Salle (Roman Catholic Church), Peter, Andrew, Paul, and Denise (Roman Catholic Church), Reticius (Roman Catholic Church), Sophia of Rome (Roman Catholic church), May 15 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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