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May 12

Who was born on May 12 should beware sensuality.

May 12 Birthday Horoscope

They are a person with friendly demeanor, rather peaceful and compliant. Emotional, sensitive – they show stability in their attachments. They have an ability to adapt to life situations. They can achieve significant benefits in life through relationships with others. True friends will especially help them.

They can settle their life in a harmonious way, they have good taste and care for the looks of their environment. They are greatly interested in arts – they feel especially attached to singing and music.


Their passions even make it possible for them to become an artist – a musician, a painter or a writer. They show great dexterity in handiwork, which lets them achieve excellent results in applied arts. They can also be a good surgeon. They efforts will be eventually crowned with success, and their hard work will get them both friends and wealth. They will owe the success in their life to their own efforts rather than to stroke of luck.

They have vital energy in excess, and they spread it everywhere, be it in sports, love or work. They only hurt themselves through their gastronomic fondness which might lead them to liver or kidney ailments. They also often show a tendency for growing fat. The individuals born at sunrise are healthier and more resistant to illnesses than those born during the night. Flaws.

The undeveloped type is quick to burst into anger – at which points it is difficult to soothe them. They are capricious, controlled by their passions. Although lazy, they are capable of antics. Imperious, excessively critical – they continuously seek flaws in the actions of others.

May 12th zodiac sign Taurus

May 12th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on May 12 your zodiac sign is Taurus

Birthday Personality – May 12

character for May 12thcharacter : lenient, lenient, realistic, jumpy, calculating, touchy;
profession : composer, sales representative, maid;
colors : cream, red, sky blue;
stone : haematite;
animal : Duck;
plant : Cleome flower;
lucky numbers : 1,30,33,42,51,55
power lucky number : 12

May 12

May 12

Holidays and observances – May 12th

  • International Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day
  • International Nurses Day
  • Saint Andrea the First Day (Georgia)
  • Day of the Finnish Identity (Finland)
  • Christian Feast Day: Blessed Imelda, Blessed Joan of Portugal, Crispoldus, Dominic de la Calzada, Epiphanius of Salamis, Gregory Dix (Church of England), Modoald, Nereus, Achilleus, Domitilla, and Pancras, Patriarch Germanus I of Constantinople (Eastern Church)
  • Philip of Agira, May 12 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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