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March 9

Who was born on March 9 is dreamy
and sensual – they life nature and


March 9 Birthday Horoscope

They are very clever and inquisitive, gifted with critical intellect, all of which allows them to attain a good position, be it in state service or military. They express excellent practical abilities – especially in the area of social work, with a lot of inherent enthusiasm, which allows them to achieve good results as a political leader or an agitator.

They are rather careless when it comes to money and often make serious mistakes regarding it. It cannot be said that they are unreliable – but their magnanimity and generosity go too far sometimes.

Their soul is torn by strong passions. They easily give in to anger. What should they be wary of. Not to make their arguing nature a cause of antagonism that their environment might adapt against them – which sometimes leads to turbulence in their life. That is the way the lack of inner harmony might get back on them. That might threaten them. Most of all – painful disappointments and emotional experiences.

Moreover, they may be in danger from edged weaponry – so they should not expose themselves to it. A woman born on this day is attached to her home and likes to beautify the apartment. She has a significant artistic sensimarch9tivity and a musical ear – she is interested in poetry and everything that is romantic. Her movements are full of grace – which is especially visible when she dances.

They are a benevolent person, willingly helping the suffering and fallen individuals. They usually have several children sometimes enter two marriages or longer relationships.

In their practical life, they can achieve excellent results in relation to sanatoriums, facilities isolating from the company of others, like hospitals, monasteries etc., as well as in relation to art, photography, perfumes, pharmacy articles and everything connected with water and fluids. Her eyes are dreamy, the hair soft and lush.

In their youth they might be subjected to suffering – but later on they grow more healthy and can make a career. It should be added that they become more and more corpulent with age. The marriage of a person born on this day is usually successful and happy.

March 9th zodiac sign Pisces

March 9th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on March 9 your zodiac sign is Pisces

Birthday Personality – March 9

character for March 9thcharacter : tolerant, wary, hard-working, coarse, careless, intense;
profession : structural engineer, biologist, librarian;
colors : cream, cyan, claret;
stone : sapphire;
animal : Tarsier;
plant : Mulberry tree;
lucky numbers : 15,21,45,47,52,56
power lucky number : 4


Holidays and observances – March 9th

  • Christian Feast Day: Catherine of Bologna, Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, Frances of Rome, Gregory of Nyssa, Pacian, Pope Cyril VI of Alexandria
  • Teachers’ Day or Eid Al Moalim (Lebanon)

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