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March 7

Who was born on March 7 shows
pedagogic ability and wishes to
positively influence their surroundings.

March 7 Birthday Horoscope

Such a person is a pioneer who carves the way for the things to come. They have excellent knowledge about the social tides and can calculate and predict events before they happen.

They social and humanitarian instincts are expressed clearly in life. They express significant pedagogic talent that shows itself not only in teaching young people, but also in everyday and political life. They derive huge benefits from cooperating with others.

The same could be said about marriage but, even though it is about love adventures – they are also often a source of disappointment and pain to them. Polite, welcoming – they gladly share what they have. They are a perfect companion and comrade – they worry when others do and rejoices when the environment does. They can adapt to every situation by undergoing various mental changes.


A woman born on this day is patient, benevolent and polite. Her hospitality is sincere, she is very skilled as a housewife and care for the tiniest details of the life at home. She can be an excellent nurse or run a larger enterprise hiring a significant number of people – like hotels or guest houses. What should they be wary of. They should remain careful in the middle portion of their life and avoid any personal or trade hazards.

Everything in their life depends on prudence and caution, otherwise they can be in danger of an unexpected collapse. So it is better if they stick to the beaten and wide path of an ordinary life and avoid unusual, fantastic undertakings, as well as any eccentricity. They are a religious and noble person – one who enjoys altering their activities, often taking up two profession simultaneously. They are bothered by spell of nervous restlessness or mental depression.


March 7th zodiac sign Pisces

March 7th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on March 7 your zodiac sign is Pisces

Birthday Personality – March 7

character for March 7thcharacter : faithful, realistic, kind, distrustful, stubborn, reticent;
profession : lecturer, designer, aviator;
colors : purple, silver, claret;
stone : diopside;
animal : Proboscis Monkey;
plant : Crabapple tree;
lucky numbers : 4,6,9,20,37,44
power lucky number : 32


Holidays and observances – March 7th

  • Teacher’s Day (Albania)
  • Christian feast day: Perpetua and Felicitas, March 7 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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