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March 31

Who was born on March 31 is
impulsive, brave – they push forward,
believing in success.


March 31 Birthday Horoscope

Although they quite often trip and fall on their path through life – they quickly forget it and carve new paths through any obstacles with courage and industriousness. Brilliant, showing off their abilities – they never surrender to pessimism, and their confidence leaves critics dumbfounded.

Lively, merry – their activity is contagious, and they might be a wanted companion of social work. They deeply believe that their views and criticism are absolutely just.

But they often happen to make a mistake – when they should admit it – even if to themselves, and confront their beliefs with the facts of life. It should be added that such a person is delicate and noble, sacrificing and willing to give others their time.

But their will is not very strong, and the willingness to please others might lead them astray. They forget themselves and can be indiscreet. What should they strive for.

They should develop remarch31straint in words and fight their tendency to rule every person they encounter. When they take part in a conversation – they should not try to draw attention only to themselves. Their pomposity might get them involved in various complications and arguments.

If they let their intuition guide them – they would not make mistakes, and their conclusions would be more logical and correct. The illnesses that might trouble them are headaches, gastric ailments and eye damage.

They are generally healthy, with a strong organism, capable of living to become very old. They can overcome any of their physical ailments through peace and composure. A woman born on this day is more gentle then the man, she expresses more kindness and attachment – but still shows a lot of combativeness. She cannot do anything partially, she care about everything she does and longs for to make the environment share her enthusiasm.

March 31th zodiac sign Aries

March 31th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on March 31 your zodiac sign is Aries

Birthday Personality – March 31

character for March 31thcharacter : daring, inquisitive, generous, envious, chicken-hearted, scrupulous;
profession : musician, clerk, carpenter;
colors : teal, olive, orange;
stone : beryl;
animal : Duck;
plant : Lime trees;
lucky numbers : 1,5,23,38,42,51
power lucky number : 20

Holidays and observances – March 31th

  • CĂŠsar ChĂĄvez Day (United States of America)
  • Transfer Day (US Virgin Islands)
  • Christian feast day: Abdas of Susa, Acathius of Melitene (Eastern Orthodox Church), Anesius and companions, Benjamin, Balbina, John Donne (Anglican Communion, Lutheran), March 31 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Thomas Mundy Peterson Day (New Jersey)
  • Geologists Day (in the Soviet Union)
  • King Nangklao Memorial Day (Thailand)
  • Freedom Day (Malta)

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