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March 27

Who was born on March 27 is cunning,
thoughtful, shrewd – they show a talent for


March 27 Birthday Horoscope

Wise, reserved, frugal, careful and predicting – they can stay composed and stay alert to the doings of their enemies. They know what they strive for, and their views and goals are stable.

Their character displays unusual contrasts. They are generally rather impatient – but they are able to show slowness and patience bordering with unwisdom in relation to their loved ones.

Despite their extraordinary inquisitiveness, they accept the evasive excuses and fraudulent explanations of others with gullibility. Their great presence of mind and cunning do not leave them even in most dangerous situations, which lets them walk out of any situation in one piece.

They are expansive and often overestimate their capability. It must be admitted that they have quite good in life – but that is exactly what might lead them to become careless ad overly risky – which might eventually lead to loss or nervous restlessness. In terms of physical health and energy, they are a very successful type.

Too much vitalmarch27 energy and physical expansion might turn out to be dangerous for them. Thus, they often have to resort to a relaxation treatment after being overworked which is very tiring with their excessive activity.

What threatens them. Because they always want their plans to come through – even despite completely unfavorable circumstances and all obstacles, and even in an inappropriate time – they are often exposed to severe disappointments.

The further consequences of such failures might anger, impatience, irritation, with all of it ending with headaches and neuralgia. Excessive enthusiasm of such a person can be dangerous to them if they feel strongly about a certain idea. It them becomes easy for them to succumb to fanaticism or monomania.

A person born on this day can effectively defend themselves against any attack without running afoul of somebody. They finally achieve their plans and goals, but due to carefully avoiding risks rather than aggressive actions or acts of violence.

March 27th zodiac sign Aries

March 27th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on March 27 your zodiac sign is Aries

Birthday Personality – March 27

character for March 27thcharacter : realistic, merry, cautious, willful, biased, scrupulous;
profession : professor, model, astrologer;
colors : gold, yellow, navy blue;
stone : fluorspar;
animal : Rhinoceros;
plant : Umbrella tree;
lucky numbers : 10,16,25,27,39,44
power lucky number : 6


Holidays and observances – March 27th

  • World Theatre Day (International)
  • John of Egypt, Philetus and companies, Romulus of Nimess, a Benedictine abbot, martyred c. 730., Rupert of Salzburg, Zanitas and Lazarus of Persia, March 27 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Christian Feast Day: Alexander, a Pannonian soldier, martyred in 3rd century., Amador of Portugal, Augusta of Treviso, Charles Henry Brent (Episcopal Church (USA)), Gelasius
  • Armed Forces Day or Tatmadaw nei (Burma)

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