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March 20

Who was born on March 20 is ambitious,
arbitrary – they pay attention to no


March 20 Birthday Horoscope

Their mind is accurate, clear, neutral. They are a person of many talents, with great ambitions. They fiercely defend their views and beliefs. Their moral compass is often guided by egoism. They persistently stick to their own path in life.

Their passions are strong and often take hold of reason. What they can achieve with their outstanding ability is often spoiled by their lack of flexibility and giving no mind to any consideration.

Unless they achieve a high level of intellectual development – they show significant vanity, arrogance and egoism. Outstanding intellectual development gives them dictatorial tendencies. They are always very demanding, strict and unwavering, they can be rough and sometimes odd – but they can achieve a mastery in something is they put their back into developing their significant mental ability.

This birthday marks a landmark in a person’s life: they either will overcome the adversity and triumph over them or cause their own demise. They show a lot of skill in social and political matters, quickly outpacing othemarch20rs. They know their capabilities and their mind very well, they make decisions so fast and show so much cunning in their actions that they can effectively fight people of much higher standing in every regard by using their momentary doubts or hesitation.

But when they come in contact with completely new problems and step out of the beaten yard of life business – they might turn out to be completely not up to the task and fail.

In love, they are demanding and conventional, sensual, egoistical and passionate. They do not stay faithful. A woman born on this day is usually independent, active and pays little mind to the world’s formalities.

Her life at home is not always happy. She is polite and noble towards their subordinates and children, she shows benevolence – but less thinking. They will achieve the best results in cooperation and marriage with people born from July 23 to August 24 and from November 23 to December 22.

March 20th zodiac sign Pisces

March 20th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on March 20 your zodiac sign is Pisces

Birthday Personality – March 20

character for March 20thcharacter : honest, hard-working, laborious, disrespectful, nonchalant, curious;
profession : violinist, lecturer, paediatrician;
colors : cyan, pink, purple;
stone : cymophane;
animal : Thorny Devil;
plant : Sweet williams flowers;
lucky numbers : 2,8,9,25,30,38
power lucky number : 3


Holidays and observances – March 20th

  • Earliest date for the vernal equinox in the Northern hemisphere: Bahá’í Naw-Rúz, started at sunset on March 20. The end of the 19-day sunrise-to-sunset fast. (Bahá’í Faith), Chunfen (China), Equinox Earth Day (international), New Year (Thelema), Nowruz (Persian, Gilaki, Kurdish, Zoroastrians, and other Iranian people and countries with a Iranian influence), Ostara in the northern hemisphere, Mabon in the southern hemisphere. (Neo-Druidic Wheel of the Year), International Astrology Day (astrologers and astrology enthusiasts), Shunbun no Hi (Japan), World Storytelling Day (international)
  • World Sparrow Day (Nature Forever Society)
  • Earliest day on which Good Friday can fall, while April 23 is the latest; celebrated on Friday before Easter. (Christianity)
  • International Francophonie Day (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie), and its related observances: UN French Language Day (United Nations)
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Tunisia from France in 1956.
  • Christian Feast Day: Alexandra, Blessed John of Parma, Cuthbert of Lindisfarne (Anglicanism), John of Nepomuk, Thomas Ken (Episcopal Church (USA)), Wulfram, March 20 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • International Day of Happiness (United Nations)

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