Daily horoscope

June 25

Who was born on June 25 can
achieve success is the second part
of their life, for their youth
is usually less fortunate.

June 25 Birthday Horoscope

Emotional and religious – they are moody and changing at the same time. Their periods of activity alternate with once of passivity and inertia. They can find their way in all social spheres with easy, easily change their friends.


Their will is not strong, and the powerful emotions they fall under the influence of easily weaken it, take control of their judgment and make them forget the gathered life experience.

Their passions are very strong, and their sensual tendencies often lead them astray. They are attracted to individuals of the opposite sex. If they do not stay careful, it might bring very unpleasant result to their life.

They will fajune25ll under strong influence of women a few times in their life, which will influence their fate significantly. It should be added that they are characterized by strong self-dignity and a love for studies, which might eventually elevate them to a position of a prominent scholar.

They often lead a lonely life, and usually study abroad. A woman born on this day is usually quite beautiful, with sympathetic exterior, active, somewhat hasty. But she calms herself easily. She will have children whom she will be attached to very much. A bit timid, not always honest.

She finds pleasure in helping others and caring for the weak. Who was born today is usually unhappy in their youth. However, everything changes for the better in the second half – their position stabilizes, they acquire prosperity, and their mood improves drastically.


June 25th zodiac sign Cancer

June 25th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on June 25 your zodiac sign is Cancer

Birthday Personality – June 25

character for June 25thcharacter : kind, sprightly, alert, immoral, ruthless, irritable;
profession : judge, doorman, tailor;
colors : orange, silver, pink;
stone : fluorspar;
animal : River Dolphin;
plant : Verbena;
lucky numbers : 2,12,25,33,39,44
power lucky number : 34

June 25

June 25

Holidays and observances – June 25th

  • National Catfish Day (United States)
  • Statehood Day (Slovenia)
  • Arbor Day (Philippines)
  • Independence Day (Mozambique)
  • Statehood Day (Croatia)
  • Statehood Day (Virginia)
  • Christian Feast Day: Eurosia, Prosper of Aquitaine, Prosper of Reggio, William of Montevergine, June 25 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics), Presentation of the Augsburg Confession (Lutheran), Philipp Melanchthon (Lutheran)

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