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June 20

Who was born on June 20 is
decided, dexterous, active, yet enjoys
getting lost in daydreaming.

June 20 Birthday Horoscope

They are dual, restless and nervous of nature, but a person born on this day is always gifted, they wish to develop mentally, gather knowledge and strive for subtlety. Although their character is quite inconsistent, their mind is exceptionally active, constantly preoccupied with thoughts, projects, plans, etc.

They often change the object of their interest, which also changes their profession. Industrious, changing, they look for happiness in the world yet not always find it… It often turns out that they are basically a dreamer with their head in the clouds. Quite impulsive, they can also be decisive and imperious.

They are gifted with various abilities and even talents, and even though their demeanor is often positive, striving for authority and dominance over others, they can exercise their power kindly, without insulting their subordinates. Flaws.

They are undecidedjune20 and gladly follow other people’s projects and thoughts, which puts them under the influence of their environment.

Their demeanor is nervous, restless, often straying towards pessimism. So it often happens that their lack of perseverance and self-confidence makes them abandon their various intentions and unfulfilled projects.

It should be concluded, however, that they are characterized by a certain strength of will and self-dignity, maybe some ancestral pride. They are naturally hard-working and strive for an appropriate position.



June 20th zodiac sign Gemini

June 20th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on June 20 your zodiac sign is Gemini

Birthday Personality – June 20

character for June 20thcharacter : open-handed, devoted, reliable, excitable, cheerless, fearful;
profession : singer, surgeon, doctor;
colors : red, cream, scarlet;
stone : sapphire;
animal : Lion;
plant : Japanese yew;
lucky numbers : 14,19,23,28,31,33
power lucky number : 24

June 20

June 20

Holidays and observances – June 20th

  • Earliest date for the summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the Southern hemisphere, and its related observance: Earliest day on which Day of the Finnish Flag can fall, while June 26 is the latest; celebrated on Saturday of Midsummer’s Day (Finland), International Surfing Day (June 21 during non-leap years), Litha / Midsummer celebrations in the northern hemisphere, Yule in the southern hemisphere. (Neopagan Wheel of the Year)
  • World Refugee Day (International)
  • West Virginia Day (West Virginia)
  • Christian Feast Day: John of Matera, Adalbert, Archbishop of Magdeburg, Florentina, Margareta Ebner (Beatified), Pope Silverius, June 20 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Gas Sector Day (Azerbaijan)
  • Festival in honor of Summanus (Roman Empire)
  • Day of the National Flag (Argentina)
  • Martyrs’ Day (Eritrea)

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