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July 8

July 8 – Famous Birthdays

Kevin Bacon (MOVIE ACTOR) 1958

Sky Ferreira (POP SINGER) 1992

Sophia Bush (TV ACTRESS) 1982

July 8 – Famous Birthdays

1838 Count Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin invented rigid dirigibles
1839 John D Rockefeller US capitalist; founded Standard Oil
1867 K„the Kollwitz Germany, print maker/sculptor (Bauernkrieg)
1882 Percy Grainger Melbourne, composer/pianist/conductor (Hill Songs)
1893 Fritz Perls father of Gestalt therapy
1898 Alec Waugh London, novelist (Island in the Sun); brother of Evelyn
1898 Melville Ruick Boise Idaho, actor (Barton-City Hospital)
19– Candy Roth traffic reporter (shadow traffic)
19– Jeffrey Tambor SF Calif, actor (Jeffrey-Ropers, Hill Street Blues)
1900 George Antheil Trenton NJ, composer (Airplane Sonata)
1907 George W Romney (Gov-R-Mich)/US Secretary of HUD (1969-73)
1908 Louis Jordan Ark, alto saxman (Caldonia)
1908 Nelson A Rockefeller (Gov-R-NY) 41st VP (1974-77)
1913 Walter Kerr NY drama critic (Sad Clowns)
1914 Billy Eckstine jazz singer (Tenderly, A Fool in Love)
1915 Charles Hard Townes Greenville SC, physicist, developed lasers
1917 Faye Emerson Elizabeth La, actress (I’ve Got a Secret)
1917 Glenn Langan Denver Colo, actor (Amazing Colossal Man, Margie)
1918 Craig Stevens Liberty Mo, actor (Craig-Dallas, Peter Gunn)
1918 Nelson Mandela Transkei South Africa, jailed political activist
1920 Dolph Sweet NYC, actor (Gimme a Break, Trials of O’Brien)
1923 Harrison Dillard 110m dash/hurdler (Olympic-gold-1948, 52)
1928 Carol Henry Newark NJ, choreographer (Garry Moore Show)
1929 Shirley Ann Grau author (Keepers of the House)
1931 Jerry Vale singer (Arriverderci Roma)
1931 Roone Arledge TV executive (ABC)
1933 Marty Feldman London England, comedian (Young Frankenstein)
1935 John David Crow football player (Heisman Trophy 1957)
1935 Steve Lawrence Bkln, singer/actor (Go Away Little Girl, Lonely Guy)
1935 Vitaly I Sevastyanov USSR, cosmonaut (Soyuz 9 Soyuz 18B)
1937 Barbara Ann Loden actress (Ernie Kovac’s Show)
1940 Marcia Rodd actress (Little Murders, T.R. Baskins)
1944 Daniel Morelon France, 7 amateur sprint wins (1966-1975)
1944 Jaimoe “Johnny” Johanson drummer (Allman Brothers)
1946 Cynthia Gregory LA, ballerina (NY Ballet Co)
1948 Kim Darby N Hollywood, actr (True Grit, Enola Gay, Rich Man Poor Man)
1948 Raffi children’s singer (Baby Beluga)
1951 Andy Fletcher rocker (Depeche Mode-Just Can’t Get Enough)
1951 Anjelica Huston actress (Prizzi’s Honor, Ice Pirates)
1952 Ulrich Wehling German DR, cross country (Olympic-gold-1972, 76, 80)
1953 Jonathan Segal NYC, actor (Jonathan-Paper Chase)
1956 Russell Christian rocker (The Christians-Harvest the World)
1958 Kevin Bacon Phila Pa, actor (Diner, Footloose, She’s Having a Baby)
1960 Valerie Pettiford NYC, actress (Sheila Price-One Life to Live)
1964 Maryalice Demler N Tonawanda NY, Miss NY-America (1991)
1969 Lori Hallier Victoria BC Canada, actress (Shannon-Santa Barbara)
1971 Wendy Benson NYC, actress (Meredith-As the World Turns)

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