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July 27

Who was born on July 27 is a faithful
friends and unforgiving

July 27 Birthday Horoscope


Active, practical – they are always on the move and busy with something useful for themselves or others. They are a person of business who excellently finds what is and is not beneficial to them. Great energy, strong will and attachment – these are typical for a person born today.

They are sensitive, have an innate sense of nobility and gladly show their best part to others. They would like everyone to like and be kind to them. They are interested in religious life. An excellent observer – although slow to form their own conclusions. Their mind is patient, careful, foreseeing, logical, able to exert great effort to realize their intentions and dreams. They also show a lot of self-control, flexibility, alertness and diplomatic abilities.

july27They do not succumb to anger easily, but once brought to it, they can be really troublesome. Stable in their attachments – they are a faithful friends and an unforgiving enemy. Wise, clever, careful – they make a career thanks to their ability to deal with others.

Their life is often bound to those of excellent people. Their perseverance and caution will let the succeed in life. However, they will not avoid painful experiences at home. Diseases they might be in danger of include hearts and kidney ailments, and febrile illnesses.

Their organism is strong and life can be quite long, but they should avoid states of depression – for it has a negative effect on their health. How to raise a child born on this day. With utmost care, because of their unusually subtle and sensitive nature which always emotionally urges them to mimic others. Most of all, they should be taught self-control and keeping their sensual instincts, excessive arrogance and sense of greatness in check.

July 27th zodiac sign Leo

July 27th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on July 27 your zodiac sign is Leo

Birthday Personality – July 27

character for July 27thcharacter : daring, vigilant, emotional, glum, excitable, cheerless;
profession : translator, designer, principal;
colors : brown, cyan, scarlet;
stone : amber;
animal : Jaguar;
plant : Sage;
lucky numbers : 5,7,8,26,35,51
power lucky number : 22

July 27

July 27

Holidays and observances – July 27th

  • Day of Victory in the Great Fatherland Liberation War (North Korea)
  • José Celso Barbosa Day (Puerto Rico)
  • Christian Feast Day: Aurelius and Natalia and companions of the Martyrs of Córdoba, Pantaleon, Seven Sleepers of Ephesus (Roman Martyrology), July 27 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • National Sleepy Head Day (Finland)
  • Martyrs and Wounded Soldiers Day (Vietnam)
  • Iglesia Ni Cristo Day (the Philippines)

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