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July 25

Who was born on July 25 is sociable,
sympathetic, willing to play a
prominent role in their environment.

July 25 Birthday Horoscope

They are a sociable, hearty, steady, loyal person who strives for sympathy and harmonious cooperation in their environment. They ambition is playing a prominent role among other people. They pursue a chief position any way they can, and courage does not desert them even in the worst situations in life. Quite sensual, often talented – they show love for fine arts, often characterized by their artistic inspirations.

They have significant abilities in many fields – often being unaware of them. When they develop them adequately – what usually happens in the second half of their life – they become a popular individual and can achieve general recognition.

It should be added that this birthday favors innate abilities and talents, it also promises birth of a son. This birthday grants success of the husband of a woman born on this day, as well as to the child of such a father.

july25Flaws. Wavering, uncertain – they surrender to the influence of their environment and change their mind. Their moods are also changeable: at one point they are full of hope and courage, at another they go through depression. They change their place of residence, as well, and their position in life remains uncertain for a long time due to various experiences.

What threatens them. They are too brash, which puts them at risk of critical situations. They are also in danger of missing their calling. They do not find success in activities related to water, and travels can be dangerous.

July 25th zodiac sign Leo

July 25th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on July 25 your zodiac sign is Leo

Birthday Personality – July 25

character for July 25thcharacter : passionate, brilliant, calm, wilful, severe, worried;
profession : singer, mechanic, architect;
colors : beige, cyan, battleship grey;
stone : cat’s eye;
animal : Coyote;
plant : African violet;
lucky numbers : 17,23,30,55,58,59
power lucky number : 28

July 25

July 25

Holidays and observances – July 25th

  • Republic Day (Tunisia)
  • Guanacaste Day (Costa Rica)
  • Commonwealth Constitution Day, formerly Occupation Day. (Puerto Rico)
  • Ebernoe Horn Fair (Sussex, southern England)
  • National Day of Galicia (Galicia)
  • Furrinalia (Roman Empire)
  • Inca festival in honor of the thunder god Ilyap’a
  • Christian Feast Day: Anne (Eastern Christianity), Christopher (Western Christianity), Cucuphas, James the Great (Western Christianity), Julian of Le Mans (translation), July 25 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Amordadegan festival (Persian Empire)

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