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July 14

Who was born on July 14 shows extensive interests.

July 14 Birthday Horoscope

They take interest in everything that goes on around the world, what others do, what they think, all of which lets them gather information, extend their experience and develop their inner self. They are reflective of nature, thinking and musing a lot. They have rich imagination and are fond of daydreaming.

Withdrawn, changeable, rather reserved, somewhat timid – they show little interest in standing out of the crown in life. Unusually sensitive and often secretive – quite sympathetic in their behavior. They enjoy their family environment, exceptionally attached to their mother. They are an emotional person who is emotionally bound to other people.

They like the past, old customs and generally all things ancient, often collecting various items. They are rather romantic of demeanor. Frugal and persevering – they do not abandon their work even when everyone else would.

july14They are very afraid of being ridiculed, which often makes them mask their feelings and cause misunderstandings. They are capable of lasting and deep love. Flaws. They show a certain inertness of character and lack of initiative. After periods of activity and industriousness – there are some of passivity and inertness when they wish to avoid any effort.

They are too proud, very fond of superficial ceremonies, yet they are rather sour in relationships. What threatens them? The middle period of their life will be merry and happy. However, because they express too much passivity when they should be exerting most effort – the end of their life could be unfavorable. The illnesses they could be in danger of include digestion disorders, gastric fever and rheumatism.

July 14th zodiac sign Cancer

July 14th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on July 14 your zodiac sign is Cancer

Birthday Personality – July 14

character for July 14thcharacter : unyielding, indulgent, searching
, prejudiced, uncouth, supercilious;
profession : janitor, watchmaker, beautician;
colors : orange, black, crimson;
stone : goshenite;
animal : Thorny Devil;
plant : Coneflower;
lucky numbers : 1,30,34,43,54,58
power lucky number : 16

July 14

July 14

Holidays and observances – July 14th

  • Republic Day (Iraq)
  • Birthday of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, an official flag day. (Sweden)
  • Christian Feast Day: Camillus de Lellis (Roman Catholic Church, except in the United States), Francis Solanus, Idus of Leinster, Kateri Tekakwitha (United States), Samson Occom (Episcopal Church (United States)), John Keble (Church of England), Libert of Saint-Trond, Ulrich of Zell, July 14 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Bastille Day (France and French dependencies)
  • Earliest day on which the first day of Gentse Feesten can fall, while July 20 is the latest; celebrated on Saturday before July 21. (Ghent)

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