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January 9

Who was born on January 9 has a sophisticated
mind, love for arts and
sensual temperament.

January 9 Birthday Horoscope

They have both good and bad tendencies in their nature. As their good and bad characteristics – of both character and mind – their experiences are also dual, bringing them happiness and unhappiness alternately. Curious that their style should also demonstrate two types. At one times they are very serious, ornate, resonant with solemn words – lasts like that for long periods.

At other times they are distant, laconic, fond of popular proverbs. They often pay too much attention to effects related to material life. Another time, they ascend to the grand pathos only to unexpectedly finish it with something trivial. Flaws. Truth be told, the nature of such a person is devoid of honesty, and they often do not admit the truth even to themselves.

january9Always in opposition to everything in everyone, regardless of the discussion’s background. They gladly oppose the commonly accepted beliefs and it happens that people with mild and compassionate temperament especially arise their aggression. When giving away presents and shopping, they can often be lavish – just be become very strict and frugal in a moment’s notice.

All of that depends on their fantasies. When they are in good mood, they see everything in bright colors, it is when their material resources seem unending to them. But when time comes to be gloomy, which happens quite often, everything changes and flips upside down. Then not even giving presents or buying anything will bring them the slightest amount of pleasure. On the contrary – they can then demonstrate unusual avarice. What threatens them. Their too conflicting and aggressive nature can lead them to great difficulties in life.

January 9th zodiac sign Capricorn

January 9th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 9 your zodiac sign is Capricorn

Birthday Personality – January 9

character for January 9thcharacter : modest, benevolent, cunning, rude, excitable, casual;
profession : physician, bookbinderjoiner, driver;
colors : white, gray, grey;
stone : sapphire;
animal : Toucan;
plant : Sassafras tree;
lucky numbers : 6,9,10,16,28,39
power lucky number : 18

Holidays and observances – January 9th

  • Christian Feast Day: Adrian of Canterbury, Metropolitan Philip II of Moscow, Julia Chester Emery (Episcopal Church (USA)), January 9 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Feast of the Black Nazarene (Manila, Philippines)
  • Republic Day (Republika Srpska)
  • Martyrs\’ Day (Panama)
  • First Agonalia (Roman Empire)

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