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January 7

Who was born on January 7 strives for
independence and is able to
get it.

January 7 Birthday Horoscope

They have it best in life when they are at the top of an enterprise – in trade, banking or industry. They can just as effectively be a master or a useful servant. Still, they prefer to rule. They stand out through their own sense of strength and courage in life endeavors.

They strive for independence and, indeed, they reach such a position as a result of their patiently, scrupulously realized and well-thought plans. Their ventures can be brash. Their vice is their over-the-top ambition. When they are undeveloped and unstable – it is a constant source of internal unease and will not let them achieve true happiness.

The unusual activity that fills their soul seems therefore to outsiders a mere unjustified dissatisfaction with the existing order of things. Another source of their inner power – ability to fit in life circumstances – shows itself when we deal with a primitive individual – of less pleasant nature.



Their respect for their superiors can then become mere servilism. They strive for the best material gain for any cost, but their desire to make a career can shroud all other horizons, at which point they stop at nothing to reach the goal they set their eyes on. It can often be seen that they draw their income from using the weaknesses or misfortune of others.

It cannot be said that they are cruel, but when it comes to satisfying their ambition they are unscrupulous. Although they do not find joy in the fact that someone is weaker than them, they do not hesitate to make use of the situation when they see an opportunity. They do not have many colleagues or friends, and their life experiences can totally isolate them. Their views are mostly conservative – but they often lack the joy of life and merriment.

January 7th zodiac sign Capricorn

January 7th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 7 your zodiac sign is Capricorn

Birthday Personality – January 7

character for January 7thcharacter : comfortable, daring, searching, mean, suspicious, talkative;
profession : scientist, shoemaker, toolmaker;
colors : orange, gold, grey;
stone : malachite;
animal : Duck;
plant : Umbrella tree;
lucky numbers : 8,19,21,42,44,58
power lucky number : 8

Holidays and observances – January 7th

  • Christmas (Eastern Orthodox Churches and Oriental Orthodox Churches using the Julian Calendar)
  • Synaxis of John the Forerunner & Baptist (Julian Calendar)
  • Festival of Seven Herbs or Nanakusa no sekku (Japan)
  • Pioneer\’s Day (Liberia (controversial))
  • Christian Feast Day: Canute Lavard, Charles of Sezze, St. AndrĂŠ Bessette (Canada), Lucian of Antioch, Raymond of PeĂąafort, January 7 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Distaff Day (medieval Europe)
  • Tricolour day or Festa del Tricolore (Italy)
  • Victory from Genocide Day (Cambodia)

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