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January 26

The projects and intentions of those who were born on January 26 are very far-reaching.

January 26 Birthday Horoscope

They have unquestionable knack for business and their head is teeming with original ideas in this area, especially in terms of limiting production cost, which can assure their material well-being. Talk – they enjoy conversation, with especially leadership being a source of enjoyment. But they easily lose their temper and control in arguments and discussions. They enjoy discovering the flaws of other people.

They can be very generous because of a mood or a fantasy, giving much when nobody else will. In other times, where everyone gives something – they will not. For their flaws include willingness to oppose others and crave originality for all costs. Their another vice is a certain arrogance, both intellectually and generally. They crave triumphs and recognition.

january26Their deeds are often very original and decisive – although they can sometimes be exceptionally determined and stubborn. Overly critical and capricious – at the same time merry and humorous. Sly, resourceful, with satirical ability. They demonstrate a talent for both manual and mental labor, they can especially stand out in the field of pedagogy thanks to their teaching skills.

They can also achieve excellent results as a mental leader and director of other people, traveler, cleric or artisan. They often go on longer travels related to their profession. Everything that is extraordinary, unusual, eccentric or even abstract interests them more than purely materialistic experiences and everyday life. A woman born on this day can successfully manage a large household, guest house or a hotel.

She is successful in both speculation and any enterprise related to entertainment. A man is strict, methodic, inventive, able to coldly calculate everything. He enjoys philanthropic activities. But when he realizes it stands against his own interest – he quickly backs away from it. Often in risk of unpleasantness in love and marriage.

January 26th zodiac sign Aquarius

January 26th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 26 your zodiac sign is Aquarius

Birthday Personality – January 26

character for January 26thcharacter : searching, audacious, unyielding, coarse, willful, oversensitive;
profession : violinist, spy, inventor;
colors : white, brown, emerald;
stone : quartz;
animal : Proboscis Monkey;
plant : Silky dogwood;
lucky numbers : 1,5,9,29,42,53
power lucky number : 12

Holidays and observances – January 26th

  • Duarte Day (Dominican Republic)
  • Australia Day (Australia)
  • Republic Day (India)
  • Liberation Day (Uganda)
  • Christian Feast Day: Alberic, Paula, Timothy and Titus, January 26 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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