Daily horoscope

January 23

Who was born on January 23 is stable,
patient, idealistically oriented – they do not
always keep their promises.

January 23 Birthday Horoscope

It is a proponent of progress, humanitarianism, oneness of people, they gladly take part in any social work, support political movement, but only to a certain extent. They avoid more fiery expositions. Thinking, sly, clever – they express extraordinary intuition that allows them to easily determine and see through characters of people.

They show social virtues. They are sympathetic, popular, but also careful, full of tact, patience and perseverance. They can easily move around any spheres and win friends there. But they sometimes forget to keep their promises. Their body usually strongly built, with swarthy complexion. Sanguine of temperament. Their life tasks will be honorable but will not bring much in the way of gains.

What career is best for them. They can achieve the greatest success as an artist, musician, scholar, intellectual worker, private secretary or in a literary position of any sort. They can also be a good trader or politician. They have wide views which often go misunderstood by their surroundings. They will also make it in all associations, societies, public groups and generally in bigger enterprises. The flaws of this birthday – indecisiveness, capriciousness, willingness to stay separated from others and emphasize one\’s originality for all costs.

january23They can sometimes give too much significant to external forms, expressing ageism and perverseness. What should they be wary of. Of being too fearful and having tendencies for getting sad. For depression often comes up for them after periods of idealistic heights. What threatens them. They can be affected by some special disappointments in life, caused by too small practicality or death of loved ones. Their strength of will might prove inadequate to control all of what life throws at them.

January 23th zodiac sign Aquarius

January 23th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 23 your zodiac sign is Aquarius

Birthday Personality – January 23

character for January 23thcharacter : trustworthy, robust, sincere, mean, mischievous, careless;
profession : astronomer, pianist, welder;
colors : black, teal, claret;
stone : diopside;
animal : Komodo Dragon;
plant : Impatiens;
lucky numbers : 16,40,42,46,49,51
power lucky number : 15

Holidays and observances – January 23th

  • Christian Feast Day: Abakuh, Marianne of Molokai, Emerentiana, Espousals of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ildephonsus of Toledo, Phillips Brooks (Episcopal Church (USA)), January 23 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • National Pie Day (United States of America)
  • Bounty Day (Pitcairn Island)

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