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January 22

Who was born on January 22 has independent
mind – they take interest in deep
issues. They have numerous friends.

January 22 Birthday Horoscope

They are characterized by seriousness, a love for studies and scientific ventures, as well as an interest in extraordinary inventions. It is difficult to understand such a person at this time, for their true abilities still remain hidden and cannot reveal themselves at this stage of humanity\’s development well enough to show their true potential. So not many people were able to express the creative values bestowed upon those born on this day.

People born on this day are usually divided into two types. The undeveloped ones are egoistic and unreliable. Although even they feel some higher ideals accompanying them, they act passively and just let the waves of life carry them due to their inability to become aware of those ideas and put them to use in everyday life.


The higher type, more developed, tried to renounce everything that is animalistic and reach higher universal ideals. When such a person manages to master their lower nature – they become faithful, decisive, patient and express unusual subtlety as well as significant philosophical ability.

Then, they become compassionate for all of humanity, take interest in science, art, music and literature. It is a very lively mind, striving for independence of though and demonstrating stability of character. They usually have many friends. The developed type demonstrates unusual intuition and gains access to creative inspirations.

They also often show interest in extraordinary, strange things, the antique and psychology in general. Health. Their organism is not too resilient and they struggle with worsened blood circulation on occasion. But they can quickly regain their composure when they are left alone among beautiful nature. They do not care about marriage too much – but they can be a faithful and trustworthy husband or wife.

January 22th zodiac sign Aquarius

January 22th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 22 your zodiac sign is Aquarius

Birthday Personality – January 22

character for January 22thcharacter : stable, truthful, generous, modest, undecided, curious;
profession : solicitor, secretary, tailor;
colors : white, red, black;
stone : opal;
animal : White Tiger;
plant : Strawberry;
lucky numbers : 10,11,22,44,45,51
power lucky number : 15

Holidays and observances – January 22th

  • Reunion Day (Ukraine)
  • Christian Feast Day: Anastasius of Persia, Gaudentius of Novara, Vincent Pallotti, Vincent of Saragossa, Vincent, Orontius, and Victor, William Joseph Chaminade, January 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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