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January 18

Who was born on January 18 is ambitious, intelligent, interested in the past.

January 18 Birthday Horoscope

The mind of such a person is developed and clear, and – if they have received proper education – they can grow to be a very useful, even prominent society member. Their nature is fairly simple and a little harsh, devoid of shallowness and superficiality of a common life, as well as of its elegance.

Their demeanor is quite uneven – sometimes unpleasant and sad. Despite certain harshness of behavior – their nature is true, good-natured and polite, and their mind rich. They strongly experience historic tradition and the past when it comes to development and pushing forward, for they know that such progress is impossible when detached from the past.

They are often a proponent of antiquity and extraordinary studies. They take interesting in everything in their surroundings that is related to birth, marriage and death – from purely material side, though. This attachment to material matters might cause significant one-sidedness that can lead to stubborn, unpersuaded self-delusion. They have a love for rural life.

january18Nobody doubts their integrity and precision, but more engaged people seem to see them as devoid of grace and inelegant. They enjoy long walks and sports. There are not many people they would associate with as equals. They either seek protection from those more powerful or lend a hand to the weak. They can be very egoistic in love and do not always realize that the feeling should be mutual. It seems they do not experience true jealousy, just anger about being deprived of something.

Unfaithfulness seems like a theft to them. In their childhood, they are often weak and devoid of resistance. The first years of their life is usually the worst period. But when the dangerous time passes – the view on achievements of the older age comes into the light. In their later years, their demeanor becomes usually patriarchal and their career peaks. At that time, they can prove to be gentle and seeking merry and pleasant company as a contrast to themselves.

January 18th zodiac sign Capricorn

January 18th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 18 your zodiac sign is Capricorn

Birthday Personality – January 18

character for January 18thcharacter : penetrating, cheerful, polite, selfish, huffy, punctilious;
profession : ophthalmologist, architect, welder;
colors : brown, silver, sky blue;
stone : fluorite;
animal : Tortoise;
plant : Boxwood shrub;
lucky numbers : 6,14,21,28,31,38
power lucky number : 3

Holidays and observances – January 18th

  • Royal Thai Armed Forces Day (Thailand)
  • Christian Feast Day: Athanasius of Alexandria (Eastern Orthodox Church), Cyril of Alexandria, Margaret of Hungary, Prisca, Volusianus of Tours, Deicolus, Amy Carmichael (Church of England), January 18 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Revolution Day (Tunisia)
  • The beginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (Christianity)
  • Confession of Peter (Eastern Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran Churches)


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