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January 16

Who was born on January 16 is careful,
slick – fit for
responsible positions.

January 16 Birthday Horoscope

Persevering and patient, although they are able to adapt to the conditions life puts up for them – they always try to ascend above them. Their ambition makes them restless and pushes them to make unending efforts and new plans. They gradually develop, attain knowledge and life wisdom, also demonstrating diplomatic ability.

They work intensively and try to overcome any and all obstacles in life, and there is no shortage of them. Practical, frugal – quite modest on the outside – often withdrawn, tries to hide their sensitivity from others. Nevertheless, they always strive for independence which is not always within their reach. They show a lot of cleverness as a speaker, although roughness of speech in unavoidable for them.


Their mind is very flexible and agile. They can carefully indulge in the most intimate details. Just, loyal, quite careful in their actions. All that is shiny in life does an excellent job drawing their attention. They enjoy wonderful surroundings, and their nature often shows tendency for everything that is fantastic, radiant and merry. The best professional position for them is one related to earth, its products, agriculture, mining or industry.

They can be a good actor, a senior official or an engineer. The flaws of a person born on this day include selfishness, arbitrariness, excessive eagerness at work and obstinacy. Their nature is often covetous and they show an inability to hold their horses. They show beware chasing after trivialities, for it might later on become the source of unexpected life setbacks.

Their organism is not too resilient – often shows tendencies for cold or rheumatism. Might demonstrate a tendency for arthritic ailments. The predisposition for illnesses usually appear due to inadequate metabolism or colds. This birthday is usually happy, with fortune smiling on such a person usually in the second half of their life.

January 16th zodiac sign Capricorn

January 16th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 16 your zodiac sign is Capricorn

Birthday Personality – January 16

character for January 16thcharacter : natural, level-headed, joyful, inquisitive, passive, harsh;
profession : lecturer, maid, photographer;
colors : pink, cyan, emerald;
stone : moonstone;
animal : Thorny Devil;
plant : Locust tree;
lucky numbers : 13,28,31,32,45,47
power lucky number : 35

Holidays and observances – January 16th

  • Christian Feast Day: Pope Marcellus I, Blessed Joseph Vaz, Berard of Carbio, Fursey, Honoratus of Arles, Titian of Oderzo, January 16 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Teachers\’ Day (Thailand)
  • Flag Day or Magen David Day (Israel)

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