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January 11

Who was born on January 11 is
intelligent, industrious, with lively
sense of humor.

January 11 Birthday Horoscope

Introverted, serious, calm – they appear very elegantly on the outside, often coldly – avoiding any and all showiness. But still – all in all – they long for sympathy of others. Even highly developed individuals of this sort are difficult to deal with due to their constant pursuit to take a better place than their company.

Such a person can, to the highest degree, make use of their abilities and life possibilities. They believe in themselves and they reach their goals counting only on themselves. They demonstrate a lot of fitness in adapting and mimicking ability, also very physically active. They can conduct other people wherever necessary and organize them, showing significant reason and decisiveness.

january11They have a lot of respect for all forms of life, for higher social spheres and official ranks. They very sharply differentiate between their approach to subordinates and to superiors, according to which they strictly regulate their behavior and words used towards both. When they act that way – they stray, for they show too much respect for positions and offices occupied by people who do not deserve it. Their flaws – vanity and superficiality of an average worldly person\’s intelligence.

Good speaker – they often use harsh or trivial words. What unnecessarily upsets them. They are constantly bothered by fear of being cheated or badmouthed by people, or being acted against one way or another. It spoils their mood and keeps them from experiencing the joy of life. Their moods can be quite variable anyway, just like their fate. They are capable of very deep love – but they cannot show it on the outside. They grow very attached and strongly experience the torment of jealousy, to which they will never admit.

January 11th zodiac sign Capricorn

January 11th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 11 your zodiac sign is Capricorn

Birthday Personality – January 11

character for January 11thcharacter : well-bred, shrewd, honest, sloppy, gloomy, importunate;
profession : photographer, headmaster, farmer;
colors : blue, red, daffodil;
stone : fluorite;
animal : Duck;
plant : Chives;
lucky numbers : 1,12,22,24,33,39
power lucky number : 22

Holidays and observances – January 11th

  • First day of Carmentalia, in honor of Carmenta. (Roman Empire)
  • Republic Day (Albania)
  • Eugenio MarĂ­a de Hostos Day (Puerto Rico)
  • Independence Resistance Day (Morocco)
  • Kagami Biraki (Japan)
  • Christian feast day: Leucius of Brindisi (Roman Catholic), Vitalis of Gaza (Roman Catholic), Paulinus II of Aquileia, Theodosius the Cenobiarch, Mary Slessor (Church of England), January 11 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Earliest day on which Triodion can fall, while February 14 is the latest; celebrated 70 days before Easter. (Eastern Orthodox)


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