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January 10

Who was born on January 10 believes in themselves and acts on their own.

January 10 Birthday Horoscope

Calm, independent, unwavering – they perseveringly stand alone among the greatest turbulences and clashing life forces. Their enemies destroy themselves in futile efforts to reach them or harm them in any way. Extraordinarily confident and original of character. They show great industriousness in accumulating wealth.

They dislike noisy demonstrations of affection and feelings. What should they strive for. As they have a tendency for verbiage – they should most of all enkindle their willingness for silence and musings. They should also try to wean from their strict, harsh and judgmental neighbors.

Tjanuary10hey usually live to be very old, and even at the end of life they retain their full abilities and high activity. In their youth, their life spares them no bitter experiences, but in time their situation gradually stabilizes. Their unusual ambition is the greatest hazard to their health, When they are faced with disappointment in this regard, they also like it when their hopes are met with disappointment – they then become dissatisfied and gloomy, which can easily lead to biliary attacks or stomach upsets.


Later in their life, when the conditions improve – arthritis can lead to some unpleasantness. If material success does not come immediately, and the narrow life horizons allow for little hope for better financial perspectives – their depression and bleakness can turn into melancholy. The best cure – hope and merry company.

A little change of scenery can also positively influence them, if only they can avoid loneliness and face possibilities of social entertainment. It should be added that they always choose places visited by the best company they can think of, and there is no one with more interest for gossip on prominent people than themselves.

January 10th zodiac sign Capricorn

January 10th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on January 10 your zodiac sign is Capricorn

Birthday Personality – January 10

character for January 10thcharacter : careful, definite, sharp, curious, base, intolerable;
profession : inventor, secretary, politician;
colors : blue, black, orange;
stone : agate;
animal : Cat;
plant : Golden bamboo;
lucky numbers : 8,11,15,25,45,59
power lucky number : 8

Holidays and observances – January 10th

  • Christian Feast Day: William of Donjeon, Peter Orseolo, Pope Agatho (Roman Catholic), William Laud (Anglican Communion), January 10 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Traditional Day (Benin)


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