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February 8

Who was born on February 8 is consistent,
emotional, patient – they show their good

February 8 Birthday Horoscope

They keep their feelings, struggles and passions locked inside their souls, with nearly nothing of it coming out. Their looks make it impossible to distinguish their genuine emotions or recognize their internal struggles. They are an intelligent person, with much enthusiasm for science and all that is humanitarian. At work, they are patient – glad to take up serious studies.

Gentle, kind of heart, also able to be predicting, careful and distrustful. Their life goals are consistent and clear, and they strive to achieve them restlessly. They know how to conduct business: they can be an excellent reckoner. They usually go on long trips. Pessimistic moods go for them hand in hand with hope-filled states. They show a lot of common sense in marriage, as well as care for the happiness of their partner.

Even if their marriage does not go well for them february8and divorce is already on their mind – they can still be an exemplary father, one that is helpful, helpful, striving for mutual harmony. Flaws. When left to their own accords – they can show excessive egoism along with too much arrogance and haughtiness.

Their negative life experiences might be causes by their unwillingness to acknowledge their own incompetence. A child born on this day is very interesting due to their intelligence and understanding of life, far greater than what their age would suggest.

Their parents should share their thoughts with them and think of them as their partner. Then, they will show unusual care for the good of the family, be obedient and happy to be able to do something for others. For they always wish to act justly, so they always have to be told why certain actions should be avoided. One should beware excess when talking to their child like that – otherwise they will become overly sure of themselves and arrogant because of their own abilities.

February 8th zodiac sign Aquarius

February 8th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on February 8 your zodiac sign is Aquarius

Birthday Personality – February 8

character for February 8thcharacter : sharp, realistic, lenient, mean, pitiless, two-faced;
profession : doorman, composer, librarian;
colors : teal, gold, blue;
stone : cymophane;
animal : Duck;
plant : Petunia;
lucky numbers : 4,19,32,39,44,45
power lucky number : 1

Holidays and observances – February 8th

  • Nirvana Day (Mahayana Buddhism)
  • PreĹĄeren Day (Slovenia)
  • Earliest day on which Feast of Orthodoxy can fall, while March 14 is the latest; celebrated 42 days before Easter. (Orthodoxy)
  • Christian Feast Day: Cuthmann of Steyning, Jerome Emiliani, Josephine Bakhita, Juventius of Pavia, Meingold of Huy, Stephen of Muret, February 8 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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