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February 28

Who was born on February 28 takes interest in
anything that is extraordinary, romantic,

February 28 Birthday Horoscope

They are rather special of character, expressing significant skills directed into one particular thing. They can indulge in serious studies, learning the secrets of nature through persistent efforts. They are fascinated by a star-studded sky and a sea. Their immediate surroundings is usually unable to properly evaluate them, as they are misunderstood. Great perseverance is joined in them with a natural sense of loyalty.

Even when they have doubts about something – they do not step away from their principles and stay faithful to their beliefs. Sensitive, cunning, affectionate – they sometimes have two apartments, two homes or two professions. Duality is quite common in their life.


Women born on this day often enter two marriages. Life of such a person is often rather extraordinary: they are in for many adventures. They usually look for greater ideals in their life.

They can be counted on and entrusted with positions requiring a lot of trust. What threatens them. They can achieve a prominent position – but they are still in danger of disturbances they will try to endure with resignation. It should be added that both the younger and older people born on this day have large amounts of inner modesty. Such a person is usually quite skinny in their youth, with a round face and delicate features. Becomes more corpulent with age.

A man born on this day is more systematic about his habits than a woman, although just as uneasy. How to raise a child born on this day. They often tend to be over-sensitive and too easily surrender to external impressions and feelings – due to which their character becomes changing and uncertain.

Their educators should first and foremost develop their independent thinking ability and awareness of the material side of life. They should also be taught frugality and regularity. When they get used to systematically solve their issues and take care of business – their great talents will have room to develop as they should.

February 28th zodiac sign Pisces

February 28th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on February 28 your zodiac sign is Pisces

Birthday Personality – February 28

character for February 28thcharacter : sober, diligent, honest, bad, disdainful, harsh;
profession : prosecutor, sculptor, plasterer;
colors : cream, yellow, baby blue;
stone : aquamarine;
animal : Zonkey;
plant : Ficus tree;
lucky numbers : 2,8,16,48,50,56
power lucky number : 29


Holidays and observances – February 28th

  • National Science Day (India)
  • Kalevala Day, the day of Finnish Culture. (Finland)
  • Rare Disease Day (last day of February)
  • The third day of Ayyám-i-Há (Bahá’í Faith)
  • Christian Feast Day: Abercius (martyr), Hilarius, Mar Abba, Oswald of Worcester, Romanus of Condat, Rufinus, Anna Julia Cooper and Elizabeth Evelyn Wright (Episcopal Church (USA)), February 28 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Peace Memorial Day (Taiwan)
  • Teachers’ Day (Arab countries)

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