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February 23

Who was born on February 23 has
friends in high places and demonstrated
artistic talents.

February 23 Birthday Horoscope

Reasonable, careful – they show confidence that they owe to their prudent and judicious nature. They conjoin a weakness of character with significant intelligence. Their tendencies are rather peaceful: they would rather suffer through injustice and unpleasantness than fight for the right cause.

But is does not happen due to their indifference. they are too sensitive to remain indifference and not care about something. True enough – they are often capable of expressing strong jealousy and concern about the fate of their loved ones.


But their nature is full of inherent passiveness – they do not want to suffer uneasiness and effort that a fight for the right cause would involve. They have subtle ideas and show artistic talents, with everything artistic and spiritual having an attracting influence on them.

What should they be wary of. Many people born on this day let their great talents go to waste – for they are unable to focus and take control of their passions, too easily giving in to apathy or passiveness.

When the will of such a person is weak, their life can completely wash it away. But when their will grows stronger, they easily make a career. For they have great abilities and talents that the already express as children. their parents and educators can do them a lot of good by developing their innate abilities and carefully raising them. Such a person is most of the time withdrawn.

They usually achieve victory over their enemies and success. The flaw of this birthday is undoubtedly too great sensitivity. Such a person not only reflects all events and moods like a mirror – but they absorb them like a sponge. Such people are quite changing on lower stages of their development – depending what they are influenced by, and it often happens that their moral and life principles are uncertain.

February 23th zodiac sign Pisces

February 23th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on February 23 your zodiac sign is Pisces

Birthday Personality – February 23

character for February 23thcharacter : careful, generous, trustworthy, undecided, vehement, prejudiced;
profession : accountant, novelist, sound engineer;
colors : white, purple, white;
stone : alexandrite;
animal : Lion;
plant : Prayer plant;
lucky numbers : 3,26,46,47,50,55
power lucky number : 18


Holidays and observances – February 23th

  • Mashramani-Republic Day (Guyana)
  • National Day (Brunei)
  • Christian Feast Day: Polycarp of Smyrna, Serenus the Gardener, February 23 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Red Army Day or Day of Soviet Army and Navy in the former Soviet Union, also held in various former Soviet republics: Defender of the Fatherland Day (Russia), Defender of the Fatherland and Armed Forces day (Belarus)
  • Terminalia held in honor of Terminus (Ancient Rome)

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