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February 22

Who was born on February 22 is sensitive, discreet – they express interest in philosophy. They can be counted on.

February 22 Birthday Horoscope

Although they are rather passive of nature – when they get to work and become involved in it, their cunning and extraordinary methods are a thing to be admired. For they can join all, even the most uncoordinated parts into a single unity.

Being born on this day grants a gift of spirit and unusual mental abilities. Such a person takes interest in wide issues, and everything that concerns philosophy, metaphysics and the way the universe is built sparks great enthusiasm in them.

Sympathetic to be around, benevolent, hearty – they usually have many friends. They can be trusted with the deepest secrets – they will not fail anyone’s trust. Their flaw is their willingness to use, which can be visible especially in culinary areas. They are not always attentive, not too neat.


They can always show stubbornness and arbitrariness. Their own carelessness can put them at risk of loss. But all in all, they are a good person. As factor in business or social matters, they can be very useful due to their intuition, inquisitiveness, as well as equalize their more active partners. How to raise a child born on this day.

Very important thing to do is to protect them from falling into bad company, as a bad example can be catastrophic for them. So their parents and educators should protect them from bad influence – for they have a certain affinity with mediumship putting them at risk of losing their own will.

Until they grow up and learn to decide for themselves, they should be directed and protected from dangers by their educators. Because if they once fall under a certain influence – due to their weak will and surrendering character – they find themselves unable to release themselves, and giving in to someone else’s will can have very negative consequences for them.

As such a child is sensitive and passive of nature – they are dependent on their whims. An educator must strive to develop a love for systematic work in such a child and enhance their will.

February 22th zodiac sign Pisces

February 22th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on February 22 your zodiac sign is Pisces

Birthday Personality – February 22

character for February 22thcharacter : resistant, truthful, wary, vehement, unforeseeable, strict;
profession : electrician, poet, beautician;
colors : pink, green, blue;
stone : quartz;
animal : Guinea Pig;
plant : Rosemary;
lucky numbers : 2,15,17,24,41,44
power lucky number : 4

Holidays and observances – February 22th

  • Christian Feast Day: Baradates, Eric Liddell (Episcopal Church (USA)), Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter (Roman Catholic Church), Margaret of Cortona, February 22 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)
  • Celebrity Day (Church of Scientology)
  • Birthday of Scouting and Guiding founder Robert Baden-Powell and Olave Baden-Powell, and its related observance: Founder\’s Day or \”B.-P. day\” (World Organization of the Scout Movement), World Thinking Day (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts)
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Saint Lucia from the United Kingdom in 1979.

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