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February 21

Who was born on February 21 is humorous, careless, welcoming – they like animals.

February 21 Birthday Horoscope

Although they are not weak of character – they can be seen as such by others, and that is due to a certain indifference they express towards their own matters and those of others.

They are calm and careless of nature. They enjoy rest, they put much into attaining comfort and benefit, rarely caring about issues of other people. They are humorous – but not too courageous. A person born on this day occasionally demonstrated a very weird character.

They develop spiritually through unpleasantness in life. Loud, with likeness for animals, standing out with their good heart, softness and friendship they approach their surroundings with. Emotional, very passionate – they can go very far when they give in to passion. Incautious, but when opposed by someone, they become violent and fierce. A man born on this day likes to do good.

Romantic, very sensitive, able to achieve high spiritual development. His mind is dominated by emotion, he is february21unable to exert too much perseverance or adequate resistance. So he often finds it difficult to make his way in life, for he is misunderstood by others and unjustly dismissed. he is also a little arrogant, and his indiscretion cab put one at risk of unpleasantness. A woman born on this day is good of character. She might run into trouble in her youth.

She enjoys doing good, she is sensitive, discrete, frugal and generally reasonable. Her health is not too strong until she turns 28, at which point it improves drastically.

They most prominent body part of people born on this day are feet. That is why they are sometimes bothered by feet corns and easily catch cold through their feet. Mentally, such a person is very sensitive and immediately reacts to any influence. They would like to lead a peaceful life, avoiding any turbulence and trouble.

February 21th zodiac sign Pisces

February 21th – zodiac sign

If your birthday is on February 21 your zodiac sign is Pisces

Birthday Personality – February 21

character for February 21thcharacter : empathic, modest, solicitous, nonchalant, mean, whimsical;
profession : orthopaedist, turner, office worker;
colors : teal, orange, yellow;
stone : peridot;
animal : Hippopotamus;
plant : Gardenia;
lucky numbers : 21,26,44,53,55,59
power lucky number : 6

Holidays and observances – February 21th

  • Language Movement Day (Bangladesh)
  • The first day of the Birth Anniversary of Fifth Druk Gyalpo, celebrated until February 23 (Bhutan)
  • International Mother Language Day (UNESCO)
  • The first day of the Musikahan Festival, celebrated until February 27 (Tagum City, Philippines)
  • Christian Feast Day: Pepin of Landen, Peter Damian, Randoald, February 21 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics)

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